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491. 28 years old analyst found 70% improvement in GERD with 6 months treatment. - GERD

Mr. A. N. S. (Patient Identification Number - 17074) visited Life Force on 24th September 2011. He had been suffering from GERD since 3 years. He complained of burning in throat, water brash, sour eructations, belching, flatulence and reflux of food. An endoscopy revealed mild antral gastritis. He also had mild constipation. The complaints had started after receiving a blunt trauma in 2009. The complaints would increase after meals, by eating chilies and in the evening. He would take antacids as and when required. Read More...

492. Her Thyroid levels were normalized within 3 months of Dr. Shah’s treatment - Underactive Thyroid

Mrs. S. R. K. (Patient Identification Number - 17667) visited our clinic on 6th December 2011. She had multiple complaints like knee joint pain, hair fall, dandruff, gradual weight gain. She had been gradually gaining weight. She had pain in the left knee joint. Her joint pain has been since 2 – 3 years. She had a sensation of swelling in the right side of the body. The hair fall had started recently with mild dandruff. She was not on any medicies except calcium supplements. She was 43 years old. Read More...

493. Steroid masked Psoriasis got complete recovery with homeopathy - Psoriasis

Master. A.B.G (Patient Identification Number 17096) visited Life Force with his parents on 26th September 2011 for the complaint of Psoriasis. He was suffering from psoriasis since the last one year. Read More...

494. Recent case of Ankylosing Spondylitis, treated with steroids and pain killers, found smooth recovery with homeopathy - Ankylosing Spondylitis

Mr. A.S (Patient Identification Number 17663) from Hyderabad was suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis since two months. It started with pain in the right knee joint and right toe. Read More...

495. Three years old child could get rid of steroid dependent Asthma with the help of homeopathy. - Child Asthma

Mast. C.H.T, aged three years, (Patient Identification Number 14895), was suffering from Asthma since 6-7 months. He would get severe attacks of cold, cough and breathlessness once in a month and each attack would last for 4-6 days. Read More...

496. Recently developed Lichen Planus got completely treated with homeopathy - Lichen Planus

Mr. F.J.D (Patient Identification Number 17961) visited Life Force on 13th January 2012 from Vakoka, Santacruz. He was suffering from Lichen Planus (LP) since last 6 months. Read More...

497. 2 years old sweet, active child experienced significant improvement in frequent colds with 5 months of medication. - Frequent Colds

N. M. K. (PIN NO – 17604) was accompanied by her parents to our clinic. She visited on 27th November 2011 for frequent cold and chronic constipation. Read More...

498. Severe case of palmo-plantar Psoriasis recovered completely with the help of homeopathy. - Psoriasis

Mr. B.K.S (Patient Identification Number 16005) visited Life Force on 7th May 2011 for the complaint of Psoriasis. He was suffering from Psoriasis since last six months. Read More...

499. 29 years old construction manager experienced 80% relief in his oral Lichen Planus with 6 months of treatment. - Lichen Planus

Mr. V.D.A. (Patient Identification Number 17247) visited our clinic on 14th October 2011. He had been suffering from severe oral Lichen Planus and mild skin lesions on the feet, hands and genitals. Read More...

500. Now I can wear clothes of my choice and flaunt my style as I got wonderful results in my extensive Lichen Planus with Homeopathy. - Lichen Planus

Mr NH (PIN 15731), a 19 years old Information Technology degree student from Central part of Mumbai, India registered himself as a case of Lichen Planus. He reported on 31st march 2011 with his uncle. Read More...

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