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461. Palmo plantar psorisis recoverd with homeopathy in 9 months - Psoriasis

A 40 years old gentleman, Mr V. R. P ( Patient Identification Number 17364) visited Life Force center on 29 October 2011. He was suffering from palmo-plantar Psoriasis since the last one year. Read More...

462. Recurrent Tonsilitis got effectively treated with homeopathy and patient never required antibiotics. - Psoriasis

Mr. K.K.C (Patient Identification Number 12931) was suffering from recurrent Tonsilitis since last 4 months. He would get severe episode of Tonsilitis once in a month and each episode would last for 12-15 days. His complaints would start with throat pain and dryness of throat specially in the morning. Read More...

463. 17 years old teenager found 70% improvement in his rapidly spreading Lichen Planus within 10 months of medication. - Lichen Planus

Mr. M. S. (Patient Identification Number- 17435) visited our clinic on 7th November, 2011 for his complaints of Lichen Planus. His Lichen Planus was extensive and rapidly spreading. He had been affected all over the body including the genitals. Read More...

464. 26 years old executive found significant relief in her hair fall with 7 months treatment of Dr. Shah. - Hair Falling

Miss K. K. S. (Patient Identification Number - 18302) visited our centre on 18th February, 2012 with the complaints of hair fall. She had been in the developing phase of female pattern baldness. Read More...

465. A case of palmo plantar psoriasis got completely cured with 15 months medication - Psoriasis

26 years old Mr. Y. V. (Patient Identification Number - 16092) visited our Borivali clinic on 22nd May 2011 for palmo – plantar Psoriasis. Read More...

466. A case of psoriasis got excellent results in 6 months time - Psoriasis

38 years old Mr. A. M. M. (Patient Identification Number - 19075) visited our clinic on 12th May, 2012 for various complaints. He was suffering from Psoriasis since 2 months. There were 2 – 3 mild spots on the back, abdomen and chest. Read More...

467. A severe case of scalp psoriasis effectively treated with homeopathic medicines - Psoriasis

A male, Mr. D.B.P Patient Identification Number 17727, visited the clinic on 12 December 2011, was suffering from psoriasis since last 2 years. Read More...

468. 19 years old management student experienced complete recovery of his extensive and rapidly spreading Lichen Planus with 8 months of treatment. - Lichen Planus

Mr. K. S. (Patient Identification Number - 8297) visited Life Force centre on 2nd March 2006 for his recent complaint of rapidly spreading Lichen Planus. It had started around 3 months ago. There were eruptions with itching on arms, legs, abdomen, chest, back and genitals. Since last few weeks the nails too had started to get affected. He was applying a steroid based ointment which did not give any relief. Read More...

469. This case shows the importance of an early diagnosis and treatment by an expert, which brings about a very good recovery. - Psoriasis

Mr. K. J. P. a young gentleman, aged 30 years (Patient Identification Number - 4403) visited Life Force centre on 5th March, 2012 with some skin complaints. Read More...

470. A 35 years old male patient could regain his confidence with Dr. Rajesh Shah's treatment. - Anxiety Neurosis

Mr. S.B.B (Patient Identification Number 10584) was suffering from Anxiety Neurosis since last 4-6 months. His episodes would start with palpitations and chocked sensation in throat. He was very anxious about his health. He would feel as if something will go wrong. Read More...

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