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441. Cervical pain and muscle spasm treated well with well selected Homeopathic medicines - Cervical Spondylitis

A robust lady, 44 years of age, Ms. D.N.D approached the clinic on 20 April 2011 with the complaints of cervical spondylitis. Read More...

442. Girl with alopecia areata on scalp losing 200 strands of hair per day, showed remarkable improvement in 10 months. - Alopecia Areata

Rapidly increasing Alopecia Areata showed remarkable improvement in 10 months of homeopathic treatment.


443. Long standing eczema responded very well to the homeopathic medicines... - Urticaria

444. Homeopathy acts holistically considering mind and body in treatment of Lichen Planus... - Lichen Planus

Ms. TML (Patient Identification Number: 17471) a 29 years old female patient, reported Life Force Center with complaints of Lichen Planus on 11 Nov 2011. Read More...

445. A young lady could get rid of her chronic Allergic Rhinitis with Dr. Rajesh Shah's homeopathic treatment. - Frequent Colds

Mrs. S.V.W (Patient Identification Number 15000) was suffering from Allergic Rhinitis since last 1-2 years. She would get sneezing and running nose almost continuously for 2-3 days in a week. There was severe throat and nose irritation. Her complaints would get aggravated by strong smell, cold weather, rainy season, smell of perfume and cold drinks. She would get occasional nose block at night. Read More...

446. A seventy years old gentleman found remarkable recovery in rapidly progressing oral Lichen Planus (LP), with Dr. Rajesh Shah's research based homeopathy. - Lichen Planus

Mr. N.G.S (Patient Identification Number 12497) was suffering from oral Lichen Planus since 6 months. He was having whitish erosions of LP on tongue and inner side of lower lip. He would get severe burning inside the mouth while eating. He was also getting dark, hyperpigmented lesions of Lichen Planus Pigmentosa (LPP) on his neck, face, arms and scalp. Read More...

447. A extensive and difficult case of lichen planus improved using homeopathic medicines from life force - Lichen Planus

Mr. S. N. (Patient Identification Number- 17523) visited our clinic on 16th November, 2011 for some skin complaints. He had been suffering with this since last 25 years. Read More...

448. A Case Of Vitiligo On The Path Of Complete Recovery - Vitiligo

This is a case of Mr. M. P (Patient Identification Number: 18299), a twenty eight year old young man, who reported to LifeForce on 18th February 2012 with complaints of vitiligo since last seven years. The hypo pigmented patches were seen above the left eye, right ear, left wrist, knee joint, lips and right thigh. He noticed that these patches were increasing and more prominently visible since two weeks. On inquiring about his family history he mentioned that his paternal grandmother also had vitiligo. Read More...

449. Severe Urticaria with Angioedema treated with Dr. Rajesh Shah's treatment. - Urticaria

Mr. P.R.S (Patient Identification Number 15690) visited Life Force on 24th March 2011 for the complaint of Urticaria. He was suffering since last 2 months. He was getting 3-4 episodes of Urticaria every day. He would get red hives with severe itching almost all over the body. Itching would get worse at night. Lips and eyelids would get swollen up at least twice in a month. He was taking T Avil 25mg (antihistamine) 2-3 times a day since almost a month. He would feel better for 7-8 hours till the effect of antihistamine would last. He had started developing side effects of antihistamine like drowsiness. Read More...

450. He used to fall sick every now and then, but after coming to Life Force, life is much better. - Asthma

Mast V.D.M (Patient Identification Number 17832) was a patient of Asthmatic Bronchitis since 2 years. His Asthma episodes would start with running nose, followed by cough with thick, difficult expectoration. He would get continuous cough for around 1-2 hours. Continuous cough would cause difficulty in breathing. Sometimes cough would result in vomiting. His complaints would get aggravated at night and in winter. He was getting episodes of Asthma almost once in a month and each episode would last for 15-20 days. Read More...

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