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341. 25 years old shy, timid village boy was successfully treated for his Psoriasis with Dr. Shah’s research based medicines within 15 months of treatment. - Psoriatic Arthritis

Mr. D. J. K. (PIN NO - 13090) visited our clinic on 23rd December 2009. He had been affected with Psoriasis since last 12 months. Since the beginning he had been applying steroid creams which had suppressed the disease. He had small scattered spots all over the body and thick white flakes on the scalp. The itching was severe. Read More...

342. Psoriasis of palms and soles recovered by 90% within 3 months of Dr. Shah’s treatment. - Psoriatic Arthritis

A country side teacher (PIN No - 8954) visited our clinic on 30th September, 2006. He wanted to seek treatment for his wife. The case details were reported by husband. Read More...

343. Recent but rapidly spreading psoriasis treated effectively with homeopathy - Psoriatic Arthritis

Mr P.S, 12517 visited the clinic on 12 August 2009 for his complaints of psoriasis since last 2-3 months. Read More...

344. 15 year old Psoriasis treated with well selected Homeopathic remedy - Psoriatic Arthritis

Mr. N.C.S, Patient Identification Number: 13205, visited the clinic on 18 January 2010 with the complaints of Psoriasis. Read More...

345. Lichen planus on legs and thighs improved brilliantly - Lichen Planus

Ms. K.M.N was suffering from Lichen Planus since last 4 years. (Patient Identification Number 19142) She mentioned taking a lot of steroid based medicines in last 4 years which worked only temporarily for her. Read More...

346. Everyone on the internet says Lichen Planus has no cure; then I found Dr. Rajesh Shah saying otherwise and I contacted Life Force. I am happy I did. - Lichen Planus

Mrs. V. D., 34 years aged (Patient Identification Number - 13333) availed our online treatment from Chennai. 1.5 years back she had noticed her inner cheek appearing darker then usual and felt some burning pain while eating food. She preferred spicy, tangy food and did not take heed of the pain. She had been regularly suffering from cough and so visited the ENT specialist for a check up. Her doctor diagnosed it as severe Oral Lichen Planus. The inner cheeks were rough with white streaks. The tongue and upper buccal mucosa had black patches. The lesions were further triggered by the sudden demise of her father. Thereafter any minor emotional stress would increase her complaints. Read More...

347. A businessman finds excellent recovery with Dr. Shah’s medication - Urticaria

Mr. G. M. S., aged 71 years (PIN NO - 7145) visited Life Force center on 15th March 2005 for his complaints of Urticaria. He was suffering from urticaria since15 years with varied frequency. There would be rashes all over the body. He would take anti-histaminic as and when required. Read More...

348. 10 years old Chronic Dermographic Urticaria got completely resolved. - Urticaria

Mr. S.V.S (Patient Identification Number 14822) was suffering from dermographic Urticaria for almost 10 years. He would get reddish lines on the scalp and forehead every morning. It would last for an hour. Read More...

349. I am very happy to get complete relief from my chronic Urticaria with the help of Dr. Rajesh Shah's homeopathic treatment. - Urticaria

Mr. J.K (Patient Identification Number 15573) was a patient of Urticaria for last 8 years. He would get characteristic red lines of hives almost all over the body. It was more of a pressure type of Urticaria. It was associated with severe itching, burning and redness. Wherever he would scratch his skin to get relief from itching, he would get new hives on that particular area. He was getting these hives 5-6 times a day. He would get temporary relief from itching by applying cold water on the skin. Read More...

350. A sweet, shy little girl was 70% relieved of her frequent cold within 3 months of medication from Dr. Shah. - Frequent Colds

4 years aged S.S.R. (Patient Identification Number - 19719) visited Life Force center on 20th August, 2012 with her parents. She was suffering from frequent cold since 10 months. She would have one episode of colds every month, lasting for 4 – 5 days. It had been continuous since last 4 months. She had watery nasal discharge since a week with dry continuous cough. There would be low grade fever as well. It would aggravate by change of weather, cold temperature and fried food. Her appetite had decreased and her weight had remained constant. She was taking conventional medicines since a month, but did not find any relief. She liked chocolates, spicy and oily food. She did not like sweets. She was sensitive to warm temperature. The bowels would be hard, but satisfactory. She was staying in a nuclear family with parents. Her father was a scientist, while her mother was a home maker. She was the only child. She was introvert and shy. She had a good memory. Her parents said – she was easy to handle and obedient. In her family her paternal uncle and grandfather and maternal grand father suffered from diabetes. Her paternal grandmother and aunt suffered from cancer. Dr. Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed research based medicines. On 1st October her parents reported with 70% recovery in her frequent cold. She did not suffer from a single bout of cold and cough since the start of the medicines. After 3 months they reported on 7th November with further improvement in her complaints. Her father was happy to inform that now she could eat wafers, etc without fearing of an episode of cold or cough. The appetite was same. The case was reviewed the medicines were upgraded by Dr. Shah. Frequent colds find excellent treatment in homeopathy. At Life Force, we have documented over five thousand cases of frequent colds with brilliant results. Read More...

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