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261. A young girl suffering from Asthmatic Bronchitis treated successfully - Child Asthma

Miss S.K.W. 13 years old girl ( Patient Identification Number 19678 ) was suffering from Asthmatic Bronchitis from one year. She visited Life Force along with her parents on 16 th August 2012 and started treatment under guidance of Dr Rajesh Shah. Read More...

262. Severe case of Lichen Planus showed complete recovery in 7 months - Lichen Planus

Mrs. V. V. P. ( PIN NO – 20214 ), A 64 years old female visited our center with the complaints of Lichen Planus. She had been suffering from Lichen Planus since the last 18 months. She had Lichen Planus lesions almost all over her body. They were itching, blackish eruptions which left hyper pigmented marks. She used to have so severe itching that she would scratch by a knife. She had been taking conventional medicines since the diagnosis of her condition. Her dosage had been increased in the past 3 months. Still she could not get any relief from loads of steroidal intake. Later on she consulted a senior dermatologist who prescribed Dapsone. She developed side effects to Dapsone and got acute Glomerulonephritis. She had heavy protein losses in urine and raised Serum Creatinine and had to be admitted and again kept on steroids. She recovered from Glomerulonephritis completely. However, now, the entire family was apprehensive, firstly due to lichen planus and secondly due to "side effects" of medicines. Steroids had caused weight gain and joint pains and hyper acidity. They had read extensively about these and had decided against cortisone in any form. Read More...

263. Dr. Shah’s treatment has given me a new identity. - Vitiligo

20 years old Miss S. S. J. visited our clinic on 5th June 2010. Her Patient Identification Number is 13878. She was quiet and reserved due to her illness. She was suffering from Vitiligo since 13 years. The patches were extensive on both the legs. They were sporadic on hands, fore arms, abdomen, chest, thighs, behind ears and lips. it was stable for 12 years and had rapidly spread in past 1 year. She was taking a multivitamin medicine. Read More...

264. Psoriasis along with Psoriatic arthritis presents a challenge; however, homeopathy gives slow but sure response - Psoriasis

Mr. S. K. visited Life Force center on 10th March 2011. His Patient Identification Number is 15620. He was 28 years sales executive in an international hotel. He had been suffering from Psoriasis since 6 years. The areas affected were back, scalp and both legs and hands. He had itching, dryness and scaling. It had not relieved even after application of steroid based creams. Read More...

265. Long Term Remission in Ulcerative Colitis with homeopathy - Ulcerative Colitis

Mr. A. A. availed our online treatment for Ulcerative Colitis on 27th April, 2009. He was 30 years old, married (Patient Identification Number 12085). He used to work for night shifts for the last 5 years and these complaints had started 2 years ago. The work stress would have triggered this condition. The symptoms would be well controlled by steroids and asacol, but when steroids were stopped, it would lead to a relapse with the same intensity. He would have irregular bowel movements especially after meals. He would pass blood and mucous with or without stools. Spicy food and lack of sleep would also trigger his symptoms. Read More...

266. Extensive case of lichen planus got 100 % cured with one and a half years of continuous treatment. - Lichen Planus

Mrs S.T 40 years old female got registered for the treatment of extensive lichen planus 16th september 2011. Read More...

267. I have responded well to the treatment. There has been 80% improvement in my Uveitis. -

16 years old boy, S. V. availed our online treatment for Uveitis on 29th May 2013. His Patient Identification Number is 21149. He was a student of 12th grade. He had affection of both the eyes since January 2013. A similar attack had occurred in December 2009 in left eye which was then treated with allopathic medication which were steroid based. Now he had blurred vision, redness, pain and sensitvity to light. There would be watering also along with redness. Read More...

268. I was able to reduce thyroid medicines dose with Dr. Shah’s long term medicines. - Underactive Thyroid

38 years old Mrs. S. A., (Patient Identification Number - 12394) visited our clinic on 11th July 2009. She was suffering from Underactive Thyroid since 2005. The thyroid had been detected during her second pregnancy. During that time she had taken 100mcg of thyroid supplements. Since 3 years she was taking 75mcg tablets. Her TSH level dated 3rd June was 7.93. She complained of chilliness, weakness and tiredness. She had become more irritable lately with many erratic mood swings. Read More...

269. A case of Guillain-Barré syndrome improved significantly with homeopathy -

A 56 years old patient Mr A.K.S. (Patient Identification Number 13223) registered with Life Force for the treatment of residual symptoms of Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) on 22nd January 2010. Read More...

270. A middle aged lady with chronic Lichen Planus treated successfully with online treatment. - Lichen Planus

A 29 years old lady , Mrs. J. B. (Patient Identification Number - 15615) availed our online treatment Lichen Planus.  Read More...

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