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21. Thirty seven year old patient suffering from ulcerative colitis, gets perpetual and pain free remission with Dr Shah’s medicines. - Ulcerative Colitis

A thirty seven year old male, Mr. N.N (Patient identification number: 12541) came to Life force, for the treatment of ulcerative colitis on 18th August 2009. During case-taking he revealed that he was suffering from ulcerative colitis since last six months. He had continuous dull pain in his upper part of abdomen. He passed stools two times daily. He experienced discomfort in the region of anus during and after passing stools. His stools were unsatisfactory. The consistency of stools differed from time to time. They were sometimes hard and sometimes semisolid. He frequently got fruitless urging for stools. His abdomen was distended due to lot of gas formation. He could feel his abdomen to be heavy. He experienced burning sensation in his chest. He had bleeding in his stools daily. He could observe presence of large amount of mucus in his stools every day. He felt excessive pain in the anus after passing stools. He had profound weakness. He had lost five to six kilograms of weight in past six months. His stool test dated 17th June 2009 showed presence of mucus. Colonic biopsy done on the same day revealed moderately active colonic chronic ulcerative colitis. On examination his weight was found to be fifty-seven kilograms. He was under allopathic treatment since last six months. He was administered tablet mesacol (Mesalamine, anti-inflammatory drug) 800 mg three times a day. He took entofoam (steroid) enema every alternate day. Read More...

22. "You are like God to us. My son could not walk. Now he walks fine." -

Mr. G K, co-owner of a Hotel in Mumbai, age twenty nine years, (Patient Identification Number: 8769), visited LifeForce on 12th of August 2006 for the treatment of gout. He presented with a complaint of difficulty in walking since last one year, and it was getting worse since past three months. He could not walk without support and always required the help of a stick or walker. He had pain and swelling in both the ankles. He could not afford to bear any weight on his ankles. He faced tremendous difficulty in raising from sitting posture. The pain was worse while walking. He was administered strong pain killers and other conventional medicines, since last ten days with no relief. He had also taken tablet Zyloric (anti gout medicines), and vitamin D supplements in the past without relief. Read More...

23. Recurrent psoriasis finds effective control with Dr Shah’s homeopathy. - Psoriasis

A seventy-one-year old lady Mrs. S.S (Patient identification number: 9213) came to Lifeforce for the treatment of psoriasis on 19th December 2006. She informed that the psoriasis had developed two and half months ago. Initially some spots appeared on her leg. Gradually the spots spread to abdomen, upper arm, back, scalp and palms. She had severe burning in all the spots. She also experienced marked pricking sensation in the patches. There was intense itching which compelled the patient to scratch vigorously. On examination, severe scaling and redness were observed in all the patches. She said that itching would get worse in the night. Further inquiry revealed that she had developed psoriasis after her husband's death. This incident was found be a major stress factor that might have triggered her psoriasis. She had taken conventional medicines in the initial one month. Read More...

24. Chronic, recurring and severe hives cured within one year of treatment! - Urticaria

Mr. F.D.F. (Patient Identification number: 16905) came for the treatment for his urticaria. He was thirty three years old and was resident of Mumbai. He had visited Lifeforce clinic at Chembur, Mumbai on 7th September 2011. Read More...

25. A three year old girl finds amazing results in recurrent chalazion with the help of Dr Shah’s medicines in eight month's treatment. - Chalazion

I. C, age three years (Patient Identification Number - 10173), visited Life Force on 21st November 2007 with the complaint of recurrent chalazion on her right lower eye lid since past one and half years. Earlier they were four in number, on upper & lower eyelids of right eye but three of them had regressed due to warm fomentation. The right lower lid chalazion persisted. The other three had healed. She complained of redness at affected part but there was no pain. Read More...

26. Painful to painless recovery in a case of tennis elbow at Lifeforce homeopathy. -

Mrs. N.R.G (Patient Identification Number 5849) was suffering from tennis elbow since eight months (March 2014), aged forty-eight years from Mumbai. One of her friends, who had taken treatment at Life Force, suggested her to consult Dr. Rajesh Shah. She visited Life Force on 14th October 2014 where her case was taken in detail. Read More...

27. Eight years old girl from Mysore found relief from Mesenteric Lymphadenitis. -

Miss A.S, an eight years old girl from Mysore (Patient Identification Number 23090) was suffering from Mesenteric Lymphadenitis. Her parents sought online treatment for her from Lifeforce on 7th July 2014. A.S had been suffering from recurrent abdominal pains, immediately after eating. Sometimes, she would also vomit after her first meal in the morning. She had complained of abdominal pain about one year before she sought online treatment. When the similar pain recurred in June 2014, she underwent thorough investigations. The scans revealed Mesenteric Lymphadenitis, a condition in which the lymph nodes of her abdomen’s immune system had become inflamed. She had not taken any other treatment and chose homeopathy as her first choice. Read More...

28. Anxiety about my IBS had locked me in my home – Now I am free - Anxiety Neurosis

Thirty seven years old, Mr. V. N. P. (Patient Identification Number: 21484) visited the clinic on 10th August 2013 with complaints of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and anxiety. Read More...

29. Anxiety about my IBS had locked me in my home – Now I am free - Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Thirty seven years old, Mr. V. N. P. (Patient Identification Number: 21484) visited the clinic on 10th August 2013 with complaints of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and anxiety. Read More...

30. Magnificent cure in the case of Molluscum Contagiosum by Dr Shah's Homoeopathy -

Twenty-seven year old male, Mr S.S (Patient Identification Number -23810) visited our clinic on 13th Oct 2014. He was suffering from molluscum contagiosum on his mustache, left and right side of the cheeks and neck. The eruptions were gradually increasing since last four to five months. On detailed examination multiple small eruptions were evident on his neck, beard and moustache area. There was no trace of itching or irritation present. Read More...

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