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1161. Vitiligo on face due to cosmetic treatments spreading to her back, thighs and abdomen - Vitiligo

This is the case of Mrs C J (L-7857) aged 47, who reported to the clinic with depigmented patches on the face due to some cosmetic application at a beauty parlour for hyperpigmentation of face. Gradually the spots of vitiligo developed on her back, thighs and abdomen. She was suffering from vitiligo since two and a half years. She was being treated at another homoeopathic clinic. However since her spots were static and as they didn’t show much improvement she came to Life Force Centre for phototherapy treatment. Read More...

1162. Vitiligo spread extensively over his entire body along with premature graying of hair - Vitiligo

This is the case of 4-year-old Master O.B. (L-9277) who reported to the clinic with white spots around the eyes since 9-10 months. He had undergone allopathic treatment, with temporary relief, after the stoppage of which the spots reappeared and spread moderately over the scalp, face, back, abdomen, waist, knees, axilla, legs, chest, ears, groin and perineum. He had been taking steroids and UVB treatment but with partial relief. Read More...

1163. Vitiligo with hypothyroid responded to homeopathy - Vitiligo

This is the case of a 45-year-old Mrs Y.S.K (L-7712), employed in government service, who reported to the clinic with a known case of Vitiligo for the past one and a half year. Vitiligo was spread across her arms, forearms, legs, chest, back, ears and neck. Read More...

1164. Complicated Case of vitiligo with depigmented patches along with hair fall and renal calculi: Case of Mr J.B (L-7437) aged 59 years - Vitiligo

This is the case of Mr J.B (L-7437) aged 59 years, a garment businessman by profession, who reported to the clinic with depigmented patches all over the scalp, abdomen (around the umbilicus) and genitals with occasional itching since 3 years. Read More...

1165. Chalazion since 10 months, increasing and decreasing in size - Chalazion

This is a case of Ms. V. V. (Patient reference number L7931), a 24 year old female who reported to our clinic for complaints of Chalazion on the left upper eyelid. Her chalazion was present since 10 months, increasing and decreasing in size. It was associated with watering of eyes and halo in front of her eyes when looking at bright objects. She had history of Herpes on the left eye 1 year back. Read More...

1166. Suffering from recurrent chalazae on both the eyes since past 3-4 years. Had opted for surgery twice in past for chalazion. - Chalazion

32 year old male, Mr. S K. (Patient reference number L7365), was suffering from recurrent Chalazion on both the eyes since past 3-4 years. He had opted for surgery twice in past for Chalazion. In spite of the surgery, the chalazion recurred and when he visited our center he had 2 chalazion- one on left lower eyelid and another on the right upper eyelid. He had been suggested surgery yet again but this time he decided to opt for Homeopathy instead. Read More...

1167. Left sided Ulcerative colitis and proctitis, girl passing frank blood in stools with lower abdomen pain - Ulcerative Colitis

Baby. C.S (Patient Ref. No. L-6905) a 14 years old girl reported to the clinic with her parents for complaints of Ulcerative colitis since last 4 years. She had been diagnosed as having left sided UC and proctitis. She had complaints of frank blood in stools along with pain in the lower abdomen. Such episodes would occur at least once every fortnight. The pain would be constant crampy pain in the lower abdomen accompanied by nausea. Frequency of stools was 7-8 times even on other days when there would be no blood in stools or pain. She would have the urge to pass stools as soon as she would eat or drink anything. She did not pass any mucus with the stools and the consistency of stools was fairly normal. She had urgency and she would have to rush to pass stools whenever she would get the urge. She had lost 20 kilograms of her weight in the span of 3 years and she would feel very weak on account of the same. Her complaints would be worse from spicy foods, eggs, pulses, lifting weights, etc. one peculiar thing about her complaints was that the pain in her abdomen would get worse from loud noise. Read More...

1168. A 23 years old lady use to pass much mucus with the stools but there was no blood in the stools. Her stools were non-offensive. - Ulcerative Colitis

This is the case of Ms. N.S (Patient Ref. No. S-3217) a 23 years old lady who reported to the clinic for complaints of bronchial asthma and joint pains. She was started on treatment for the same and was doing well with the homoeopathic treatment. She was 5 months pregnant when she started the treatment. At the end of 4 months of treatment, her complaints of asthma and joint pains were significantly better. After the delivery of her first child (caesarian section), she started getting loose stools daily about 7-8 times in a day. The stools would be watery and moderate to large in quantity. Read More...

1169. Complaints of vitiligo since last 2 months, local steroidal ointment did not help much. - Vitiligo

10 years old girl, Miss. K.G.V. (Patient Ref. No. S2633) was brought to the clinic by her father for complaints of vitiligo since last 2 months. Her parents had initially noted few depigmented spots on her abdomen for which they had taken her to their family physician. He had prescribed her some local steroidal ointment which helped her to some extent on a few spots. When the other spots did not respond favourably to the treatment and when she started developing a few spots on her scalp with whitening of the hair strands in the affected parts, her parents were concerned and they took her to a local dermatologist who diagnosed her as having vitiligo. She had few scattered spots on the abdomen, face and thighs. Read More...

1170. 39 years old woman with Leucoderma started developing white spots on multiple parts of her body - Vitiligo

Mrs. A.V.T (Patient Ref. No. 3971) a 39 years old female patient reported to us with complaints of Leucoderma since a month. She said that she had started developing white spots at multiple places over her body in the last one month. Her dermatologist had diagnosed it as vitiligo. She had few scattered spots on her face, knees, chest and back. She was so disturbed by these spots that she felt she was having spots all over her body. In fact she felt as if she was left all alone in the middle of a desert and left to die without any kind of hope of being cured, just left to get mercy and sympathy from others. She had been through lot of stress in the last 3 years due to her parents' accident and brother's divorce. There was a lot of anxiety in the family due to circumstances that were not under their control. Read More...

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