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1141. Complaints of IBS aggravated due to having junk food, milk and soya in a 24 year old with alternate diarrhoea and constipation. - Irritable Bowel Syndrome

This is a case of a 24-year-old Mr O.W (Patient Reference No L-6294) who reported to the clinic with gastric complaints since 5 years. He was suffering from constipation and bloating sensation in the abdomen. He had to strain a lot while passing stool. All his gastric complaints aggravated due to having junk food, fatty food like cheese, milk and Soya. Stress seemed to be an important factor in aggravating his symptoms. Read More...

1142. A case of 25 year old Mr V.S (Pin No L-7678) reported with a known case of nephrotic Syndrome, suffering from a relapse every two months. - Nephrotic Syndrome

This is the case of a 25 year old Mr V.S (Patient Ref No: L-7678) who reported to the clinic with a known case of Nephrotic Syndrome since 10 years, suffering with a relapse every two months for about 4-5 days. He suffered from swelling of ankles and feet, which severely aggravated after 6 pm. Read More...

1143. A 26 yr old Ms U.S (Pin No 7544) with a known case of 'Minimal Change Nephrotic Syndrome' with history of Pulmonary Tuberculosis. - Nephrotic Syndrome

A 26 year old Miss U.S (Patient Ref No: 7544) presented with a known case of nephrotic syndrome since two years. She had complaints of swelling on her face and all over the body, which were particularly aggravated in the morning and on waking. She also had burning micturition. All complaints relapsed with the stoppage of steroids. Read More...

1144. Successful reduction of Carbamezepine and great pain control - Trigeminal Neuralgia

Mr. B.H., 65 years old gentleman, reported having attacks of Trigeminal Neuralgia about twenty times a day for about three months. He was an established case of Trigeminal Neuralgia for ten years. Read More...

1145. A thirteen-year-old boy with complaints of Atopic Dermatitis due to food allergies associated with Allergic Rhinitis. - Eczema

A thirteen-year-old boy H.B (Patient Ref No L-7850) reported to the clinic with complaints of Atopic Dermatitis on his face, cubital Fossa (front side of elbow joint), neck and elbows since childhood. However, his complaints had aggravated since six months.There was intense itching. There had not been complete remission of his complaints anytime. Dermatitis aggravated by the intake of foods (Chana dal, dry fruits and groundnuts) and particularly at night. He had been on homeopathic treatment since four years. He used to occasionally suffer from cramps in the calf muscles. Read More...

1146. A 64-year-old Air Commodore with chronic Solar Dermatitis due to multiple food allergies associated with Asthma. - Eczema

A 64-year-old Air Commodore with a known case of Solar Dermatitis on his face since 9 years reported to the clinic. He presented with a persistent erythematous rash. He also complained of pruritis (severe itching) and burning. Initially the rash would fade away by itself, but off late it had increased in size. The dermatitis increased with exposure to sun or artificial light. Read More...

1147. Case of nephrotic syndrome in a 5 year old child with swelling over eyes, legs and abdomen. - Nephrotic Syndrome

This is the case of a 5 year old child (Patient Ref. No. L-6990) suffering with Nephrotic syndrome. The child is having NS for the last 3 and ½ years ( since when he was only 20 months old ). The swelling was noticed around the eyes, legs and abdomen with recurrence of the symptoms. He was having these complaints once in 5 or 6 months. This happened usually when steroids were tapered off to alternate days at reduced doses. Read More...

1148. A 3 year old girl diagnosed as 'Steroid Resistant Nephrotic Syndrome' with swelling on her legs that had spread to abdomen and face, associated with severe side effects of certain drugs (Cyclosporin). - Nephrotic Syndrome

The parents of Baby. N.R (Patient Ref. No. 4520) a 3 years old female child reported to us for the treatment of their daughter who had Nephrotic syndrome since the age of 2 years. Her complaints began after she had been sick for some time and her parents noticed that she had developed some swelling on her legs. Tests done on her urine revealed high amounts of protein in her urine. She was referred to a nephrologist who, after all investigations, diagnosed her as having Nephrotic Syndrome. She was put on steroids for the same, the dose of which was increased after one month. Still she continued to have increased swelling that had spread to her abdomen and face too. She had to be admitted to the hospital later and was put on diuretics and albumin (since her blood albumin level was dangerously low). Read More...

1149. 9 yearl old boy with 4 patches of alopecia areata on scalp along with chronic cough - Alopecia Areata

A Nine year old boy with four Alopecia Areata patches on scalp along with chronic cough treated by Dr Shah.


1150. Man with 6 bald patches of alopecia areata on beard, abdomen and chest along with GERD (Grade 1) - Alopecia Areata

23 year old man with 6 Alopecia Areata bald patches on beard, abdomen & chest along with GERD (Grade1).


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