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1041. Complaint of alopecia on the scalp (vertex) since a month. It had rapidly increased to a size of about 2 inches x 2 inches within a span of 1 month. - Hair Falling

21 year old female, Mrs. U. P. (Patient reference number 8259) reported to the clinic for complaint of alopecia on the scalp (vertex) since a month. It had rapidly increased to a size of about 2 inches x 2 inches within a span of 1 month. She was also losing about 100 hair daily. She was not on any kind of medication for the alopecia. Read More...

1042. Ankylosing spondylitis gets wonderful recovery with homeopathy leading to a pain free life. - Ankylosing Spondylitis

Mr. V. K. (PIN Number L-8425) came to the clinic for treatment of backache. He had severe low back pain. He had an X-ray done of the lumbosacral spine. It showed early degenerative changes in the spine. Dr Shah advised an HLA B 27 test, and it came as positive. He was diagnosed as Ankylosing Spondylitis. Read More...

1043. HIV Positive treated, whose CD4 count increased significantly (documented) -

Mr. R. P. (PIN Number L-9603) was referred to our clinic by an NGO.

He is a 36 years old, stout person, detected to be HIV Positive.

He was suffering from frequent infections like fevers, recurrent colds and frequent loose motions since seven years and on investigations was diagnosed as HIV Positive. Read More...

1044. A young army Officer is treated of steroid dependant chronic urticaria and is overwhelmed with the amazing difference homeopathy has made in his life. - Urticaria

A 26 years young officer from the armed forces came to the clinic for treatment of urticaria. He was suffering from the urticaria since two years. He would pop in an antihistaminic tablet when the urticaria would get severe, but generally he would try to withstand the attack. Read More...

1045. A young female tides over the crisis of ankylosing spondylitis with homeopathic medication. - Ankylosing Spondylitis

A young female Mrs. M.W. (Pin Number L-9585) eagerly visited the clinic with complaints of ankylosing spondylitis.

She was in distress with this condition since the last five years. She had been to many physicians with little relief of the spondylitis. Read More...

1046. Case of Psoriasis associated with Eczema and vitiligo improved significantly - Psoriasis

Mr. A .S. (Patient Ref. No. L-7823) aged 72 yrs, reported to the clinic on Sept 10, 2005 with psoriatic eruptions on both the legs and left groin area. He had been suffering with this for past 6-8 months. Read More...

1047. Twelve years old Atopic dermatitis in 14 years old girl cleared when cortisone had failed - Eczema

A 14 years aged girl Miss R.P. (PIN Number L-10592) reported for treatment for her Atopic dermatitis. She was accompanied by an existing patient for psoriasis. “As you treated me, similarly, please treat my friend, who is suffering from this severe skin disease since the age of two” She said. Read More...

1048. 42 years old lady Mrs. V. V. is treated of hypothyroidism, her TSH coming to normalcy, within 45 days of homeopathic treatment, without thyroid supplements. - Underactive Thyroid

A 42 years old woman Mrs. V. V., (PIN -L9308) was under our treatment for migraine. She complained of puffiness of the face and swelling on the body since few days. Read More...

1049. Mr B. P.,(PIN L-8786) with a roaring Hepatitis-C infection alongwith, cirrhosis of liver, finds his viral load within undetectable limits after homeopathic treatment. - Hepatitis C

Mr. B. P. (Patient Referance no. L-8786) was taken aback when he was detected with Hep-C along with cirrhosis of liver, in April 06. He hardly knew about the disease, then. Shocked and shaken with the condition, he consulted many physicians and gastroenterologists and was advised treatment with Interferon, but nobody would commit or assure him that these treatments will eradicate the Hep-C infection. He was told that despite taking the course of Injections, the virus can come back after a year or so. Dissappointed with this, he did not opt for those treatments. Read More...

1050. A 42 year old male with bronchial asthma since 5 years, successfully treated with homeopathy. - Child Asthma

A 42 year old strong and stout male patient came for his complaints of bronchial asthma. Read More...

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