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101. Cortisone suppressed Psoriasis found wonderful recovery with few fluctuations. - Psoriasis

Mr. A. K., 27 years old gentleman visited Life Force on 18th October 2011. His patient identification number is 17286. He was suffering from Psoriasis since 1.5 years. It was spread all over the body. The spots were on scalp, forearms, chest, back, legs, soles and hands. He had itching and scaling. He had been applying tenovate ointment since 6 months. He had been taking conventional treatment since the appearance of Psoriasis. Read More...

102. My son has recovered very fast. I am grateful to the entire team of Life Force for this. - Lichen Planus

On 14th December 2012, Master S. S. visited Life Force along with his mother. He was 10 years old smart and intelligent boy. He was suffering from Lichen Planus since 6 months. In the initial stage he was treated with local cortisone. It had taken 2 months for recovery with cortisone. At present there were post healed dark spots on legs, hands and few on chest and abdomen. Since the last 2 months new active eruptions were appearing. He was presently applying cortisone cream since 2 weeks. His mother had also suffered from Lichen Planus. His father was suffering from high blood pressure. Read More...

103. A 30 years old MBA professional experienced amazing recovery in his scalp Psoriasis. - Psoriasis

Mrs. D.A.S. visited Life Force on 15th June 2013 to meet Dr. Shah. She had come on behalf of her husband to start with his treatment for Psoriasis. Mr. A. K. S. was suffering from Psoriasis from scalp since 5 years. His scalp would be filled with yellow colored dry flakes which would easily fall off. Dryness was predominant on the scalp. Since 2 months few new spots had appeared on the face, chest, back, hands and legs. They would rarely itch. The scalp spots would increase in the winter and decrease in the summer. He had taken conventional medicines since a month for his scalp after which the spread started on his body. Now since a month he was taking homeopathy from a local doctor. Read More...

104. Alopecia Areata cured in 6 months of medications. - Alopecia Areata

Mr. A. S. had been effectively cured of Prostatitis few years back with Dr. Shah’s medicines. He had visited again on 22nd May 2012 as he had developed few spots of Alopecia Areata on the beard area. He had observed these spots 20 days ago, while shaving. He was already being treated for Vitiligo by Dr. Shah. Read More...

105. Vitiligo on lips, elbows and thighs has recovered 100%, thanks to Dr Rajesh Shah - Vitiligo

21 years old, graduating in commerce was surfing on the internet for a good doctor to treat his Vitiligo. Mr. J. M. C. was residing in Thane, Mumbai and visited Life Force on 18th June 2012. He was accompanied by his mother. His patient identification number is 19279. His mother was anxious and worried regarding his Vitiligo affecting the lips and elbows. He had first seen a spot 2 years ago on elbows. It had gradually spread on both the knees, elbows, upper lips and thigh. He had taken conventional medicines for a year initially which did not help in any recovery. The next 1.5 years he was taking ayurvedic oral and local application medicines which had healed the knee and left elbow spot. The right elbow spot had mildly responded. His mother then suggested him to seek a homeopathic specialist for his complaints. He was thoroughly examined by Dr. Shah. Read More...

106. Remarkable improvement in case of chronic recurring Migraine with Dr. Shah’s homeopathic medication. - Migraine

Thirty one years old Mrs. S. R. T. (Patient Identification Number-21842) visited our clinic on 28th October 2013. She was suffering from Migraine since she was eighteen years old .She was suffering from right sided headache daily since fifteen days for two hours. The frequency of such episodes recurred once a year. She had tried managing it with conventional medication with not much relief. Her complaints used to increase in winter and she was better by rest and head massage. Read More...

107. Improvement in vitiligo spots near right eye, behind right ear, right thigh and nose achieved with Dr Shah’s treatment - Vitiligo

7 years old girl from Chennai Ms. F. H. H. (Patient Identification Number - 18989) visited our clinic with her parents on 30th April 2012. She was suffering from Vitiligo since June 2011. She had vitiligo spots near her right eye, behind right ear, on her right thigh and recent spot was on the right side of her nose. She had taken conventional medication with not much relief for 6 months. The spots were still spreading and new spots were coming. Her maternal grandfather also had Vitiligo. It was explained to her parents that the areas involving fingertips, around eyes, lips and genitals are difficult areas to treat and it may take time in such cases to show positive response. Read More...

108. Slow and gradual control attained with homeopathy in a case of Polymyositis. -

Mrs. S. U. D., forty seven years old home maker visited Life Force on 20th September 2010. She had gradually developed weakness in her lower body. This started around 1992 when her weakness was so much that she could even not kick the football too far. Gradually she felt her walking had become slow and stressful. She would require support to climb stairs. After 2000, she also started falling frequently. At present, since a year or two she could even fall down by a slight push. She now used to walk with the help of walker. She required support to get up from chair. She could not sit down on floor. She would tend to fall due to weak and involuntary twisting of ankles. She was previously diagnosed as a case of myopathy but it was progressive. She was investigated by a neurologist in August 2010. Read More...

109. An engineer found significant relief in Fissure with Dr. Shah’s medicines. - Fissure-in-ano

Mr. S. P. was introduced to Dr. Shah by his colleague who had been treated in the past for the same complaints by Dr. Shah. Mr. S. P. was thirty nine year old gentleman staying in Navi Mumbai with his family. He visited Life Force on 25th October 2013. He had pain while passing stools daily since two months. He had similar episode two years back which was treated with conventional medicines. Now he had burning and bleeding after passing stools. The burning pain would last for four to five hours. He had hard and constipated bowel movements. After passing stools it would be difficult to sit for two to three hours. He was diagnosed as fissure in ano along with sentinel piles by a general surgeon. The surgeon had suggested him surgery for treatment. Instead the patient started with local homeopathy medicines since past two to three weeks. He had taken the conventional medicines for a month before that. Read More...

110. 60 year old lady with rapidly spreading vitiligo on forearms, neck and legs, was treated 80% by Dr Shah - Vitiligo

Mrs. N. M (Patient Identification Number- 16235) visited our clinic on 13t5h June 2011. She was residing in Delhi, India. She was 60 years old. She was suffering from Vitiligo since 10 years. She was treated with PUVA therapy and her disease was inactive. 3 months back her disease was active. Her vitiligo was rapidly spreading on her forearms, left leg and neck. She had small sporadic spots. She was concerned for controlling further spread and regimentation. Her maternal grandmother also had suffered from Vitiligo. Read More...

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