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11. Say no to steroids, Yes to homeopathy for heel pain!! -

Mrs. I. P. S. (Patient Identification Number: 23229), a forty six years old woman, working as a maid, visited LifeForce on 12th of August 2014 with a complaint of severe pain in her left heel since last five to six months. The heel pain would get worse on taking first few steps, and it would gradually get better as she moved about. She had been taking local steroid injections in her heel and conventional pain killers since almost a month. After thorough examination, it was diagnosed as calcaneal spur. Read More...

12. A practicing ayurvedic doctor finds amazing relief in chronic constipation of 40 years with homeopathy!!! -

Dr. A R T, a sixty six years old ayurvedic doctor (Patient Identification Number: 22466) visited Life Force on 18th March 2014 with multiple complaints of chronic constipation, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and gastritis. His chronic constipation had troubled him the most since last forty years for which he sought treatment. He used to get severely constipated at least two times in a year, and he would not pass stools for four consecutive days. Since last fifteen days, the intensity had become very severe. The stools were soft and satisfactory but the frequency was two to three times in a day. He experienced pain and burning around anus while passing stools and it would last for about four hours. He even suffered from fissure-in-ano attributed to the chronic constipation, because of which he would suffer from itching around anus and he would also bleed occasionally. He was on laxatives since last ten years without relief. He had taken homeopathic treatment in the past with partial improvement. Read More...

13. Thirty six year old female gets marvellous improvement in hair fall with homeopathy. - Hair Falling

Miss R. B. S. (Patient Identification Number 22515) thirty six years old, came with complaint of hair fall on 24th March 2014 to LifeForce. The hair fall was from front area of the scalp since one year. The complaints had increased since last one month wherein around three hundred hair strands used to shed off every time she would wash or comb her hair. She had applied Togain solution (Minoxidil) for two to three months but had stopped it due to scalp irritation one week before. She had also taken iron supplements. Investigations done included hemoglobin which was 12.8 gm. on 22nd February 2014 and TSH on 5th December 2013 on was 2.81. Read More...

14. Frequent colds since twenty years completely recovered in just two months with homeopathy!! - Frequent Colds

A fifty year old stock broker from Mumbai, Mr. N. B. S. (Patient Identification Number: 21173), visited Life Force on 1st June, 2013 for the treatment of frequent colds that he was suffering from since past twenty years. He complained of running nose, headache, irritation in throat and dry cough whenever there was a change in the weather. He was allergic to perfumes and fruits, specifically orange. He suffered from cold two to three times in a month and every episode of cold lasted for one to two days. Patient had been taking anti allergic medicines at least twice in a month since past 15-20 years with no relief. Read More...

15. A three year old girl finds a impressive solution to the frequent colds with Dr Shah’s homeopathic medicines. - Frequent Colds

V. K, a three years old girl child, (Patient Identification Number: 18371), visited Life Force, on 26th February, 2012 with a complaint of frequent colds since her birth. With the onset of winters every year, she would suffer from uncontrollable sneezing and running nose. When left untreated, it would lead to dry cough with rattling noise in chest and difficulty in breathing. She experienced dry cough more in winters and after intake of cold food. The cough was worse on lying down. She had already been given a course of antibiotics in the recent past. On examining her, the chest and nose were clear. Read More...

16. An aspiring MBA student finds complete relief from recurrent boils within a year with Dr Shah’s medicines! -

Mr. N. D. K, a twenty six years old MBA student (Patient Identification Number: 24115) visited Life Force on 18th November 2014 with a complaint of recurrent boils around his anus since past four to six months. The boils were multiple and very painful, with blood and pus oozing from the boils. He had been taking homeopathic treatment from a very renowned homeopathic clinic for the past six months but did not get any relief. Surgical opinion was not taken. After thorough physical examination, it was diagnosed as multiple abscesses around the anal region. Read More...

17. A four year old obstinate case of Lichen Planus completely recovered at Life Force - Lichen Planus

Mr. D.P (Patient Identification Number: 16734), a thirty four year old middle aged man reported to Life Force on 19th August 2011 with complaints of lichen planus since two years. He complained of multiple irregular lesions on the forearms, hands, back, private parts and scalp. All the patches were steroid masked. He was applying many steroid ointments since a year. However, he had stopped using them a week back. Some of the patches were thickened whereas some spots on the legs were healed and were left with hyperpigmentation. There was severe itching accompanied with burning in the spots. Read More...

18. An army officer found cure from Lichen Planus at LifeForce. - Lichen Planus

This is an interesting case of a Retired Brigadier from Pune, Mr. P.M (Patient Identification Number: 17560), a seventy three years old man, who reported to LifeForce on 21st November 2011 with complaints of oral lichen planus since past nine months. The patches on the inner side of the cheeks and tongue had got worse since three months. The posterior part of the tongue was predominantly involved. It had thick white patches especially on the margins of the tongue. He complained of burning pain and discomfort in the mouth which was worse by eating hot and spicy food. He was taking various antibiotics and antifungal tablets since three months time without any significant relief. Read More...


Mr. O. A (Patient Identification Number: 11104), a thirty two year old middle aged man from Hyderabad visited LifeForce on 29th August 2008 with complaints of recurrent abdominal pain since nine years. He suffered from constipation on and off which was accompanied with urgency and unsatisfactory stools. The stools were well formed and there was no bleeding noticed. Occasional mucus was noticed after stool. He also complained of bloating of abdomen and flatulence. All his complains were worse by eating outside food and mainly due to stress, sweets, milk, allopathic medicines and spicy food. Read More...

20. Three years old boy from Delhi experienced amazing recovery in Nephrotic Syndrome with homeopathy. - Nephrotic Syndrome

Case of a three-year-old boy from Delhi, Master A. S (Patient Identification Number: 14896) was brought to Life force for the treatment of nephrotic syndrome on 29th September 2010. He was suffering from nephrotic syndrome since past two years i.e. from the age of one. Detailed case-taking revealed that he had suffered from three to four attacks of nephrotic syndrome in last two years. His condition was diagnosed as steroid dependent nephrotic syndrome since the episodes came when the steroid was stopped or doses were reduced. He suffered from frequent cold, cough, earaches and gastric infections. As a result the condition relapsed with every episode of acute infections which is a characteristic of nephrotic syndrome. However, he didn't develop swelling of face or extremities. In the recent episode that he developed, the urine protein was found to be three+. Read More...

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