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"My daughter had vitiligo and we came to Life force. We were not aware of the response of the medicine but it worked like A miracle for her. We are very happy and satisfied with the medication and it really works . We like Dr. Rajesh Shah, his theory and medicine has giver my child self confidence and we shall pray for Life force and shall pray for life force and Dr. Rajesh Shah and his Family. "
--Annie Hussain

"My family history has Psoriasis problem & I developed it in 32 years which is too early. But Life Force it has got cleared & there has been no itching as of now so its been a great medical help as I am saved of Psoriasis."
--Sameer Muchhala, Mumbai

"I was acknowledged by my family doctors of having Urticaria. He said only precautions, no medicines can treat you, when I first came to Life Force Dr Anand & Dr. Shah assured me that my Urticaria will be completely treated to the roots, 8 months later mu Urticaria has been improved to almost a good extent no more attaches, & I have full faith that the problem will be completely cured."
-–Amit. S. Tiwari, Kandivili

"When he was 11 months old he started to suffer from present cough & cold which later on developed into bronchitis. He was being treated by a pediatrician who prescribed nebulyser& inhalers for him which used to proud him temporary relief . Since we were unhappy with the progress we switched on to Life force. After undergoing treatment with Life force there was a considerable improvement in a span of two months. After 8 months of treatment suen is absolutely fine and his immunity system has improved considerably. We would are to take this opportunity to thank Life force & especially Dr. Shah for his treatment ."
--Aranha Hensan Mother Of Sven Aranha

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