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"We have had a very good response to the L.P treatment needed out to our son ,Hridey. He has had this problem for the past many years and the improvement has been significant as of the time the treatment was started at Life force. There e is a ninety percent improvement on his legs where the lichen planus was majorly present and not too many new lesions have shown up"
-Father of Hridey Grewal

"I have come to know about Life force from Internet. Since I knew the name of the disease to me, it was possible to fill the questionnaire and get the help, otherwise I think just by symptoms, it is not possible to reach you. I am lucky enough to reach here at right time and got full support from the staff and doctors. I am fully fured by the treatment and fully satisfied. The treatment is safe and very simple. I wish it could reach to as many patients on internet"
-Dr. Seema Saxena

"The result at Life Force were amazing my father Mr. Amrut Jaganath Shinde had Lichen Planus since 2 years. So we consulted the local Homeopath specialist in Nasik but there was no Sign of improvement but after a year of medicines form Life Force the disease has been totally cured"
-Mr. Amrut Jaganath Shinde, Nashik

"Anushka has Atopic Dermatitis, which became very severe last year. She is showing good improvement after about 6 months of the medications. The improvement is in her overall well being has been very good. We have finally hope of findimg her completely free of her aliments."
--Ms.Anushka Palwankar, Singapore

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