The Suicide Disease Trigeminal Neuralgia Healed Wonderfully With Homeopathic Treatment At Life Force

A 51-year-old male patient from Indore, Mr. L. P. (PIN: 26949) visited Life Force Homeopathy and started with its treatment for his complaint of Trigeminal Neuralgia on 3rd October 2015.   

He was suffering from trigeminal neuralgia for 8 years. He was suffering from pain on the left side of his face. The pain was very severe and shock-like, and it used to start from the left side of the jaw and travel to the left eye and left side of the forehead. It used to affect him 2 to 3 times a day. The duration of pain was approximately 15-20 minutes. The pain was very severe and intense. The patient was experiencing suicidal thoughts due to the pain. Often, the pain used to get triggered by touch and at night. He had done surgery for it, but the pain relapsed after a few months. The patient was on conventional medicines.


The patient’s appetite had reduced. He was experiencing a specific craving for sweets. His thirst was average. His sleep was disturbing due to the pain. The patient never felt refreshed in the morning.  


He was running a business in Indore. He had a wife and two children. He was staying in a joint family. The patient often had stress related to work. He was very shy and reserved. 


He never had any other illnesses in the past. No major illnesses were noticed in the family.


After studying the case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed some research-based homeopathic medicines to the patient. 




On 31st August 2016, the patient reported that she had experienced an improvement with the medicines. The frequency of the pain was the same as before, but the duration and intensity of the pain were less than before. He had to continue taking conventional medicines for his pain, but its dose was reduced from 1200 mg per day to 600 mg per day. There were no suicidal thoughts after he started with homeopathic medicines. Based on this feedback, Dr. Shah made some changes in the medicines and prescribed them to the patient.


On 1st November 2017, the patient reported being almost 20%-30% better with the medicines. The frequency and duration of the pain had reduced than before. He had to take conventional medicine but its dose was less than before. The patient was experiencing slow but steady overall improvement with the medicines.


On 23rd October 2018, the patient reported being further better. He was around 60% better with the medicines. The frequency of the pain had reduced now. He was experiencing the pain episodes 1 to 2 times a month but with very mild intensity. He had further reduced the dose of conventional medicines. He was overall stable with the medicines. 


On 6th November 2019, the patient updated being 70% to 80% better now. The duration of his pain was now only a few seconds. The frequency of the pain had reduced a lot. He was taking conventional medicine 400 mg a day now. The patient was happy with the progress. 


On 26th February 2021, the patient reported being almost 90% better. There was a mild pain off and on but not as severe as before. He had further reduced the dose of allopathic medicine. He was taking 200 mg per day now. The dose was reduced from the initial 1200 mg to 200 mg per day now. The patient was very happy with the results.


He thanked Dr. Shah and the whole Life Force team for treating him for such a painful condition and improving his health. He is still under our treatment to complete the full course and to get fully better.



This case illustrates that homeopathy is highly effective in treating trigeminal neuralgia incredibly and safely without any side effects. 


-  Written by Dr. Kainaz, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

*Please note that results and duration of treatment may vary depending on the constitution of your body.