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Ulcerative Colitis and Psoriasis – a case of multiple complaints cured effectively with Homeopathy

This is a case of the Vice President of a leading payment & technology company, Mr. S. S. (Patient Identification Number: 24658 ), who reported to Life Force on 14th March 2015 for the treatment of multiple complaints, Ulcerative Colitis and Psoriasis being the most troublesome. Since past four months, he complained of passing blood and mucus in stools. He always experienced an urgency to pass stools and the frequency of stools was three to four times daily. He had lost around three kilograms in past one month. He had been taking a very heavy dose of Mesocol, which is an anti-inflammatory aminosalicylate drug used in the treatment of ulcerative colitis. He was on Mesocol 1200mg twice daily for past three months. 

Apart from ulcerative colitis, he was also suffering from GERD (Gastro oesophageal Reflux Disease) for past two years. He would suffer from acid reflux and regurgitation of food at least two to three times in a month. Spicy and fermented food created problem to him.

As per the colonoscopy report dated 18/12/2014, the mucosa of the rectum up to 10 cms from anal verge revealed erythema, ulceration, granularity. 

Biopsy done on 18/12/14 was consistent with ulcerative proctitis (i.e. Ulcerative colitis that is erstricted to rectum)

The esophago-gastro-duodenoscopy report dated 18th December 2014 was suggestive of antral gastritis and duodenitis.  

Another chronic complaint that he faced was of Psoriasis. He had been suffering from psoriasis for last ten years. It was mainly restricted to his scalp. The lesions used to stay for one to two months and disappeared, to reappear again. The disease was basically stress induced. He would complain of itching, scaling and redness in the affected area. He was not taking any treatment for it.

He was also suffering from chronic cold since childhood. He had a deviated nasal septum which was a maintaining cause of his colds. 

He was diagnosed of Mitral Valve Prolapse, five years ago. He complained of chest pain on and off.

Personal details:
He was a vegetarian and had craving for sweets and fermented food. He had an average thirst for water. He would perspire profusely on his chest and armpits. He was more sensitive to cold weather. His sleep was sound.

Past History:
He suffered from insomnia, varicocele and nasal polyps in the past. He got operated for varicocele at the age of eighteen years. 

Family History:
There was a strong family history of high cholesterol as both his parents were suffering from it. His mother was also suffering from eczema and mitral valve prolapse. His paternal aunt was diagnosed of ovarian cancer.

Constitution and family set up:

He was tall and had a lean body frame. He was the vice president of a leading payment and technology company for the past six years. His family consisted of his wife who was a home maker and a nine years old daughter. 

Mental Sphere:
He narrated his nature as a very affectionate and emotionally sensitive person since childhood. He would be constantly anxious about the future. He had a stressful professional life wherein there were instances when he was being insulted by his seniors and he would feel embarrassed to go to the office. In spite of the anger within, he would never express it.

After reviewing his case, Dr. Shah prescribed Lycopodium 30 for six weeks. The patient was given the necessary dietary advice. Dr. Shah also gave him food restrictions specific to Ulcerative Colitis and Psoriasis. The patient was well informed about the remissions and relapses of the two diseases which may happen during the course of the treatment. 

Follow ups
The patient reported his first follow up on 14th April 2015. There was not much change in the urgency for stools but there was no episode of bleeding and the mucus in stools had reduced. However, within 1.5 months of treatment, his ten years old psoriasis had subsided by 60-70%. Dr. Shah upgraded the prescription and medicines were given for six weeks.

The patient’s next follow up reported on 7th July 2015 showed remarkable improvement in both the major complaints. The patient mentioned fifty percent improvement in the urgency to pass stools. Acidity had improved by 70-80%, and the complaint of flatulence and bloating was much better than before. Psoriasis continued to improve further, with no new lesions coming up. The startling in sleep that he had been having since many years improved by 70-75%. Dr. Shah repeated the last prescription which had given a miraculous result in a short span of time.

The next follow up was given on phone on 3rd October 2015. Patient mentioned a consistent recovery in Ulcerative Colitis. The urgency to pass stools got better by more than 90%. He was not passing mucus or blood in stools anymore. The symptoms of gastritis like bloating, burning pain, regurgitation had subsided by more than 80%.  Psoriasis was showing steady improvement as well. Patient was happy to inform that he had stopped taking Mesocol since last 2-2.5 months. 

On 18th February 2016, patient’s wife visited clinic to give the feedback. There was a mild aggravation in psoriasis since a month, the reason being excess work stress. He had developed some new patches in scalp since a month but the overall scaling and itching was under control. As far as his ulcerative colitis was concerned, it was stable and consistently improving despite the work stress. Dr Shah made some changes in the prescription for psoriasis to control the stress induced aggravation.

When he reported on 31st March 2016, he was happy to inform he had never felt better. He had developed good control over his bowels, motions were regular and satisfactory. He was not passing mucus or blood in stools. He had not taken a single antacid tablet in last eight months, which he used to take daily before treatment. He could stop mesacol as well, without any of the after effects. Psoriasis in scalp was better by 75-80%. His sleep had improved with treatment. He was thankful to Life Force as his stress levels also reduced due to regular homeopathic treatment. 

This case shows the power of homeopathic medicines to boost up the immunity in order to bring back health. Ulcerative Colitis and Psoriasis both being auto immune diseases, require immunological correction. With the patient’s support in following good lifestyle and proper diet, we were able to achieve a remarkable improvement. Mr S. S. was really thankful to Dr Shah and Life Force for bringing health and harmony in his life. 

Case study done by Dr Amrita Utekar on 30/4/16

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