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Patient's Case Studies At Life Force

Hormonal Dependent PCOD Got Treated Successfully With Homeopathy

A 26-years-old female, Miss. N. S. (PIN 34175) from Mumbai visited Life Force Homeopathy clinic on 1st November 2017 to get treated for her Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD), which she was suffering for the last 5 years. Her menses were irregular earlier, but, as she was on the hormonal treatment for treating her PCOD, her menses were regular. She had gained a weight of around 16 kgs in the last 5 years and had a hair growth on the unwanted parts of the body i.e. on the face and breast. She was experiencing a dull aching pain in her abdomen that would radiate towards the thighs. The frequency of her pain was 4-5 times in a week, and it would last for around 45 minutes. Her pain would get worse by the slightest movement, after having a heavy meal, and from 4th day to 15th day of menstrual cycle. She used to feel better by having rest and by lying down. Her pain also would get triggered when she would turn angry or experience any emotional excitement. She was on the hormonal treatment from 2014. In between, she tried to stop the Hormonal medicines but her pain recurred. USG Abdomen and pelvis of 10th July 2017 shows a slightly bulky left ovary (14.1cc) with central echogenic stroma, and tiny peripherally placed follicles may represent the changes of unilateral PCOD.

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Along with PCOD, she was suffering from the complaint of constipation for which she used to take an Ayurvedic laxative as per the requirement.

Past History:

In the past, she had suffered from Malaria twice. Besides this, there was no other history of any major illness.

Family History:

Her father was having Hypertension and was on medicines for his Depression complaint. Her sister was having Arthritis, and her maternal aunt was suffering from an Underactive Thyroid.

Physical Generals:

She was vegetarian by diet. She had a craving for cheese and chocolates. Her appetite was normal. She was sensitive to the heat. Her sleep was sound, and she used to experience dreams of dead bodies.

Self & Family Set-Up:

She was Project Engineer in Hindustan Petroleum. All her family members were in Madhya Pradesh, and she was staying in Mumbai for her job. She is very short-tempered by nature and would react easily. She was straightforward. There was no major stress in her life, except for some work-related stress.


After a detail evaluation of her case, Dr. Shah prescribed MERCURIUS SOLUBILIS-30 to her along with his research-based medicines. The plan of treatment was explained to the patient with the proper dietary restrictions, exercises, and she was advised to take her Hormonal medicines which were planned to be stopped at the later stage once she would respond to Homeopathic medicines.


In her first follow-up on 15th December 2017, her relief from the pain was better by 25%, her weight was stable, and there was no increase in the unwanted hair growth. Her menses were regular but still had a scanty flow. She was advised to stop her conventional Hormonal medicines after this cycle, which was ending around 28th December, and to report us after a few weeks regarding her overall health.

On 25th January 2018, she reported her pain has again recurred after stopping the Hormonal conventional medicines, but she got her menses without taking the Hormonal pills. Her weight was stable. Based on the feedback, Dr. Shah prescribed the medicines to the patient.

On 12th March 2018, she reported her an increase in her pain. Her pain was continuous and unbearable, and she used to cry due to the pain. She also mentioned that her relief from the pain used to turn better by heat. Dr. Shah reevaluated her case and prescribed her medicines only for 2 weeks and advised her to report after 2 weeks.

On 24th March 2018, she reported her relief from the pain was better by 50%. She got her menses on time. Her weight was stable. No more unwanted hair growth was seen on her body.

On 9th April 2018, she reported her frequency of pain was reduced by 50% but the intensity had increased again. She was advised to continue the same medicines for a few days and then give us an update.

Her menses were regularized, but there were many fluctuations seen in her pain complaint. As per the case requirements, Dr. Shah revised her prescriptions and made changes in the dose. As her menses were regular and the flow was normal, she was advised to repeat her Ultra-sonography of the abdomen so that her recovery can be compared with her reports too.

In May 2018, she did the Ultra-scan of her abdomen and the reports were normal. Gradually, the relief from all her complaints of irregular menses, pain in the abdomen, and acne got better and her weight was stable.

She is still continuing with the Homeopathic treatment for a further relief in her complaints.


This case illustrates that homeopathy offers a permanent solution in treating the hormonal disorders like PCOS. Following the conventional treatment which requires to go for the oral contraceptives offers a temporary effect in regularizing the menstrual cycle as long as the medicines are taken. Homeopathic medicines help to reduce the cysts in the ovaries, reduce the male hormones, and increase the chances of conception in the future for women to bear pregnancy.

- Written by Dr. Mithila K, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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