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  S.N. India - Lichen Planus
I was having this skin problem since the last 25 years. When I had gone to Scotland to see my daughter, my Son In Law had taken a photo of this and consulted his doctor in Scotland and the same was diagnosed as Lichen Planus and on brousing on the internet, we came across this address.
After coming back to India, I came to Bombay in November 2011 and consulted Dr Rajesh Shah. I have been taking this treatment since then and have found lots of relief. I have been advised to continue the same treatment for another year, which I will be doing.

Uploaded on 24th Oct 2012 by Dr. M.N.P.
  Susan F., USA -
I just want to convey my thanks to you. I went to the surgeon and he said that your doctor has diagnosed you correct and he was shocked to hear that just by telephonic conversation you reached to the correct diagnosis and the treatment you suggested he also suggested the same. When I told him that you are s homeopathic doc he was shocked and said I don't believe it. He also asked me where you work and I told him about life force center. He also told me to convey you that I am forced to change my opinion towards homeopaths and can say homeopaths can also be brilliant. He also asked me to tell you that you have set new standards for homeopaths. Once again thank U so much. You have saved my life. May God Bless You.
  J. LODUCA, NJ, USA - Lichen Planus
I am 99% improved.
  B. ANGELOV, San Frnacisco, CA, USA - Hepatitis C
I just wanted to share the good news. My viral load has dropped significantly since February! On 2/3/2012 it was 24203. Now it is 5454!
  S. Poljak, CALIFORNIA, US - Hepatitis C
Blood test on 06/07/2011 viral load was 16,723,200 last test on 06/01/2012 viral load is 12.958.240. I have much better appetite. I am very happy.
  P.M.'s father, Selangor Darul Ehsan, MALAYSIA - Asthma
There has been a 50% reduction in my child P.M's frequency of falling sick. The frequency of asthma attacks has also reduced after taking this course of treatment. Since this course of treatment was started he has fallen sick 3 times: once with throat infection, high fever and wheezing (in March), once with just cold and flu (in May), and the last time with cold , flu and wheezing (in May). This is an improvement considering the frequency of sickness which was once every month before the medicines were started. He has had only one incidence of illness requiring treatment with antibiotics and we feel that there is improvement in his immunity level.
  MICHAEL C, TEXAS, USA - Ulcerative Colitis
Since about 11 years ago I could not eat vegetables and fruits, (for 11 years I did not eat fruits or vegetables) and with this your last treatment now I am eating fruits, vegetables, fruit and vegetable juices and no longer take IMODIUM AD and I have felt a very big change now that my nutrition has improved. I have more energy. Most of the times my stools are solid but some times but other times solid with liquid stool, it's not diarrhea, and during the night.
  M.P., MD, USA - Trigeminal Neuralgia
Since I started the treatment in 2007 the episodes of the electric shock is down to about 90%-98%.
  H.M, UAE - Lichen Planus
I, Patient Identification Number: 19104, was suffering from Lichen Planus involving the skin, mouth and the penis.
Dr. Shah, your Homeopathy has really worked very well for me. Most of the Lichen Planus spots on my arm and legs are almost gone. The spots on nails and mouth are also improving well. I feel much relived now and I am still continuing the treatment as now I am hopefull and confident that I will get completely cured of this problem.

(Uploaded on 30th Mar 2012 by Dr ZAR)

  V.T., India -
I, Patient Identification Number: 17682, am happy to report Dr. Shah that that by taking your medicines,I have got rid of my vocal polyp completely. Your medicines were really very very effective and has stunned the allopathic doctors and my ENT doctor, here. My ENT was not able to believe that my polyp has gone so fast with homeopathy.

Thank you once again a lot and your treatment was really very very wonderful.

(Uploaded on 30th Mar 2012 by Dr ZAR)

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