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  M. P., UK - Nephrotic Syndrome
My nephrotic syndrome is incredibly better.There seems to be no swelling.

I believe I have responded 100% to this treatment. There seems to be a significant improvement whilst taking the medicine.

I have had no relapse since started with the treatment, so its been an year since I had a relapse.

Its all my heartfelt thanks to Dr Shah.
  Lene Newman, UK - Urticaria
My hives have reduced drastically. The urticaria attacks are slowing down.

I am very happy that I am generally feeling so much better and stronger – again, thank you so much for your help.
  S. T., WI, USA - Urticaria
I have noticed significant improvement in the urticaria. The frequency of the hives has reduced and the intensity is much less.

I am very happy with the treatment and I am sharing this news with my friends. Recently one of my colleague browsed through your website and he found Dr Shah's write up on urticaria extremely informative.

Thanks a lot Dr Shah. We look forward for more of this!
  Manuel Diaz Rojas, Colombia - Lichen Planus
Estimado Dr. Rajesh según cuentas de las pastillas todavia hasta la fecha estoy consumiendo, aun no he terminado el tratamiento, aunque son relativamente pocas (no he contado cuantas faltan)
Sin embargo le manifiesto que estoy totalmente sorprendido con este tratamiento, le doy gracias a Dios por su vida por ser instrumento de sanidad.
Debo pronto enviarle las fotos actuales de la sanidad de esta enfermedad, mis familiares, amigos y otras personas estan muy imrpresionados con la restauracion.
Creo que para la proxima semana estoy enviando las fotos de mi sanidad.

Tengo muchas dudas hasta ahora me comunico no lo puedo hacer en Ingles porque es muy poor , sin embargo espero lea esto.

Tengo miles de preguntas que se las hare poco a poco, durante estos meses no lo pude hacer esperando ver el resultado y fue sorprendente. Dr. cuenteme que tiene esas pildoras, lo que pasa es que necesito la información en español por favor.

Como le die le enviare todo el resumen y las fotos como un informe de mi evolución.

Una pregunta:
En verdad necesito seguir con otra dosis de tratamiento, sabiendo que realmente ya desaparecieron las manchas?
Que posibilidad o porcentaje esta comprobado por Ud. que vuelva a aparecer? y en que condiciones?

Creo que pueden existir muchas personas con enfermedades que Ud. puede ayudar pero el problema es que no lo conocen mucho, yo les hable a qui a muchas personas y en verdad no lo conocen y como Ud. sabe el INGLES no todos lo dominamos.
Dr. Miles de gracias , estaremos en comunicación, por favor le agradeceria me escribiera en idioma español.

Thanks you

Manuel Diaz Rojas
  Deepak Mody, India - Frequent Colds
What other well-know practicing homeopath could not do (about Laryngitis) in three years, was achieved by Life Force in less than 6 months!!

What more one can say…Very congenial, understanding doctors, quick response, no waiting time and perfect treatment… What a wonderful atmosphere! LCD TV, soft, soothing music, cleanest surrounding makes a person very clam and worriless.

For any other problems I would be again coming and yes, I will definitely spread the word!!

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  G. V., Mother of R. V., USA - Vitiligo
My daughter is improving with the treatment. The vitiligo has not spread to any other part on the body. The spread has slowed down.

I'm pleased with her improvment. We know Dr Shah can treat her.

  H. Z., Canada - Vitiligo
The white spots on my forehead and under the eyebrow are reducing with 4 months of treatment. The one spot on my abdomen is better. The spots on my waist are improving.

Thank you very much Dr Shah and his team.
  P. M., USA - Trigeminal Neuralgia
I am very happy to say the pain is gone, there are no attacks. Sometimes i feel funny when it's cool and there is no pain.

The neuralgia is 95% better.

Thank you Dr Shah.
  M. B., USA - Trigeminal Neuralgia
The treatment is working really well for me. The medicine is helping because sometimes I just forget that I have the neuralgia!!

Thank you Dr Shah for the amazing treatment on Trigeminal neuralgia.
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