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  A. D. Father of A., USA. - Atopic Dermatitis
My son has responded very well to Atopic Dermatitis treatment so far. He has improved around 70% since we started your treatment!!!

We have also observed that Atopic Dermatitis has improved on some body parts such as face, arms, chest, tummy and back.

Thank you Life Force team.
  M. S., USA -
I could say that your medicines do wonder for my pytiriasis lichenoides chronica.

I think the improvement on my skin ailment is around 60%. Since I started taking the medicines from last Aug.31, 2008 I have noticed that the spreading of my PLC has slowed down and I’m really happy for that.
  N. P. son of L. P., PHILIPPINES - Trigeminal Neuralgia
My mother felt that she is responding favorably to your formula since she started way back in October. Before that, she would experience pain that would last for minutes to hours or days and was only controlled with strong pain killer medicines, two months into your program she felt a big improvement, saying that the pain, would last for 12 seconds at the most
  L. B., India - Vitiligo
I am feeling good as medicines are effective. Found no new spots.

Old existing spots are also under control of pigmentation. Larger and old white spots are getting pigmented slowly.

Thank you
  Mother of J. H., USA - Nephrotic Syndrome
Phenomenal improvement since starting your medicine, my son went from frequent relapses and high dosage of prednisone (14 ml every day) to zero relapse and down to 3 ml prednisone every other day.

There is still improvement since the last prescription of your medicine. The biggest improvement we have noticed now that is even with such a heavy cold it has not relapsed, his protein stays negative.

In fact there has been zero relapse approximately since September 08 with your medicine

I believe with your treatment we shall be successful without any relapses ever.
  N. C., USA - Trigeminal Neuralgia
Great! I want to say at least 90% improvement, since starting the treatment on October 10th 2008 my days and nights are pain free. I definitely think there is a great improvement.

There has been a very insignificant feeling of pain. It has been 3 months since the start of this treatment and again pain free almost all the time.

I have recommended your site to many people with various health issues.

Your staff is wonderful and their kind and supportive words are much appreciated.
  Ana Luisa Sabados.,Romania - Chalazion
My daughter has been taking medicine for CHALAZION. My daughter has responded well to the treatment. The results started to show after a month of treatment. The left eye Chalazion (which was very small) disappeared completely and at the right eye (lower part) has two chalazions and a little scar improved by aproximately 70%-80 %. Many people don’t notice anything. I noticed that during the second month of treatment the healing was more rapid. By then I thought 4 months of treatment would be enough for healing. Then the progress of healing slowed down but anyway we haven’t had problems of recurrence or spreading.

The swellings are more visible after rubbing and crying.

Ana Luisa Sabados.,Romania
  D.K.B., KARNATAKA , INDIA - Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Lot of improvement. in fact no stomach pain since last 6 month. I feel my son is now out of the problem. But I am scared to stop the medicine. What should I do shall i stop or continue?
No pain since last 6 months. For last 6 months he is alright. No ibs, no stomach pain. He is now eating all type of food including hotel food etc...

  R.V., NSW, Australia - Migraine
I am undergoing treatment from you for my thyroid problem. My migraine attack has reduced and comes once every 5-6 weeks. It always starts on the left side.
Since commencing with your medicine I feel less lethargic.

R.V., NSW, Australia
  E. Y. C.,Texas, USA - Migraine
The reason in why I am sending you this email is to tell you how I am feeling so far with the treatment you have sent me for the migraine problem. The treatment that you sent me worked just fine. I can actually say that from a 100% of feeling better, I felt 90% better. Dr. I am saying it worked just fine but if you need to improve it so it can make me feel 100% better do it, but I feel just fine with the previous treatment. Dr. Shah I would like to mention just one thing that I still feel, is like a problem maybe still caused by the migraine.. Thank you a lot Dr. Shah one more time and thank you for your time Dr. you have a great pleasant day!

E. Y. C.,Texas, USA
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