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  U. M. Mother of D. M., USA - Nephrotic Syndrome
My son he has responded well to the medicine. We could see his immunity developed well. The nephritic syndrome has improved by 30 to 40%.

It was lot better in the last one year and he is getting better every year.

Thanks Dr Shah for all your help.
  N. L., UK - Vitiligo
We cannot see the patch at all. It is 100% gone!!!

There is lots of improvement and we cannot tell which eye the vitiligo patch was on.
  P. R. B., USA - Lichen Planus
I am doing very well with my Lichen planus.

I continue to improve over time and can now at least brush my teeth without constant pain and agony. Also I have less and less flare ups and the intensity have reduced.

I think there may be about 70% better since I started your medicine.

It’s given me my life back. So, thank you very much Dr Shah for your help.
  S. S., India - Urticaria
My urticaria has shown 75% improvement.

There have been some minor occurrences in the past week or so, after the weather started warming up again.

It has been fine otherwise.
  A. T., USA - Hepatitis C
I am seeing lot of improvement with Dr Shah’s treatment. I am responding well. I feel I have got 70% improvement.

The viral load on 5th Aug 2008 was 7,990,000 it reduced to 30,400,000 in 24th Oct 2008; on 14th Jan 2009 it is 907,000.

I am responding very well. Approximately 60% of cure occurred from the beginning of the treatment.

I am feeling lot better, I am very thankful for your care.
  P. A., UAE - Psoriasis
I am totally happy after taking the medicine and it is fully cured means there was no sings as before. Recently it has started coming back again. So I would like to start with the treatment again.
  M. W., USA - Trigeminal Neuralgia
Earlier I was having serious attacks of neuralgia, which were a lot better with your medication. After discontinuing with the treatment, the TN pains are re occurring with more intensity. I would like very much to get back on your medications before the pain overwhelms me.

I do believe your program has helped me. My back is no longer requiring pain medicine. My neurologist was quite interested in the results of your medicines with me and has stated that there is no other medication he can offer me. He said if I did not improve he would have to recommend surgery which I do not want to do.
  S. R., USA - Anxiety Neurosis
I think I am feeling a lot better. My overall anxiety level is definitely reduced than before; it has lowered by about 20-30%.

After I started with the medicine I don’t think I am in a constant state of agitation like before. But I still do get the obsessive thoughts at the same rate as earlier, but they do not provoke the kind of anxiety as before. The thoughts are 5-10% less. The sleep has improved by about 50-60%!!

Feeling of sadness, depression has shown a lot of improvement by about70-80%. The acute panic attacks have almost completely stopped. I have not had an acute panic attack after I started your medicines. Although base line anxiety has been there, but not as bad as before your treatment.

Thanks for your treatment Dr. Shah; it has shown so much improvement. I am so grateful to you for this. I only want this to continue and get my life back to the way it was before this illness started.

  S. R., USA - Alopecia Areata
There has been significant progress with the treatment. The hair re-growth on the right side of scalp has been much better than the left side.

Few new spots have appeared, but they shall do well as is suggested by you.
  J. S., UK - Psoriasis
I have experienced an excellent response to the medication. A strong improvement has taken place with the psoriasis.

95% of the psoriasis has disappeared and I am very happy.

Thank you Dr Shah.
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