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  R. D. M, USA - Hair Falling
My hair seems to be falling less and has filled out a bit. The medicine has made at least a 50% improvement. The hair loss has definitely slowed down.

All my best wishes to Dr. Shah and his team, it’s his treatment which is helping me out from my problem.
  Y. T., USA - Atopic Dermatitis
I have around 50% of cure in my Atopic Dermatitis. The severity went down little bit.

Thanks and regards to Dr. Shah and his team.
  G. C. M., UK - Vitiligo
The Vitiligo has improved considerably; I have not identified any new areas with the disease. Vitiligo around nostrils and mouth appears to be getting better.

I am grateful to Dr. Shah and his team as vitiligo does seem to be improving significantly!!!

Thank you very much.
  S. R., USA - Anxiety Neurosis
I am much better and am living my life with much more peace than last time thanks to your medicine. My baseline anxiety is further down by about 30-40% than last time. The OCD thoughts still come though not at the same rate. I can sometimes go through the entire day with the thought coming maybe 4-5 times whereas there are also some days when they come more often. But the thing is that they do not provoke the same kind of anxiety as before.

I turned to homeopathy because I knew that allopathic would not give me a cure and may indeed make me chronically dependent on allopathic drugs. I want my brain to be totally calm and free of this constant OCD noise without the aid of allopathic medicines. So I am really grateful for your medicines because you can totally cure me of this disease.

Thank you so much for your medicines and I hope to see this thing through to the end with your help.
  S. N., Singapore - Lichen Planus
There is quite significant improvement. (50%)

The intensity of the disease has slowed down. General condition of the tongue appears to be better than before.
  E. M., USA - Hepatitis C
My main health problem is Hepatitis C and symptoms that go along with that disease.

I would estimate about 50-75% improvement in all symptoms. I still have some abdominal pain, but the intensity and frequency are less. I do experience Anxiety but it has improved for about 25%.

Most of my symptoms have responded well. Many thanks and regards.
  A. M. J., USA - Psoriasis
I noticed a 70% reduction in psoriasis plaques with about 2 months of taking the medicine. I am taking my medicine twice a day and the spots are starting to fade. I think I need to get more of the miracle stuff!!!
  K. S Lakshmi, India - Frequent Colds
I use to get coughs frequently. I tried many allopathic medicines but invariably month after month, the coughs use to recur.

Then I got to know about Life Force on the internet and decided to give Homeopathy a try. It worked wonders.

Many thanks to Dr. Rajesh Shah for curing me of my frequent coughs and colds.

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  D. L., USA - Urticaria
The urticaria medicine is a miracle.

I have been out in the sun again! I am able to do physical labor, and even be in stressful situations and no problems! I do thank GOD everyday for you and your staff in bringing us together. I�m truly thankful for everything, this is truly amazing what this medicine has done for me.

Thank you Dr Shah.
  A. L., Sweden - Vitiligo
I am satisfied with my medicine. I am doing well.
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