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  S. Z., Germany - Urticaria
There has been a real progress. The skin in general and especially in the face has become much better. All the roughness and redness has disappeared and there is much less itching.

There have been no hives and the general condition (mood, appetite, sleep) is good as well, so we are very happy about it!
  D. F., Qatar - Vitiligo
Have taken the medicine for the last 4 months and have found i have responded to the treatment nearly 100%. Found that the medicine once i started, the results came after around 3 weeks wherein the color started to fade away and got my origin color again.

I am recommending your name to anyone i see with vitiligo problems!!
  P. C., UK - Lichen Planus
My Lichen Planus has not spread. The side of my tongue was quite raw/inflamed, there is a change in that area in that it's not as raw as it use to be. I have no new eruptions, the old are much improved.

I find that I can tolerate the ordinary toothpaste a lot better than before,as well as a little hot and spicy food, and my nails are slowly improving. I mostly had the pigmentation in my cheeks whic has also improved.
  J. O., Kenya -
I have progressed so well since i started taking the medicines. My gout is remarkably better. My hitherto inflamted feet became normal after about 7 to 10 days of taking medicines. The pain disappeared and I have never experienced any gout attack since then.
  D. W., USA - Lichen Planus
I have responded favorably to the treatment. There is still decreased severity in reactions & sensitivities to food in mouth. I estimate 85% improvement in Oral LP. I estimate rashes on palms of both hands 98% only a few little bumps on each palm.

Regarding nails, all fingernails looking better as they continue to grow out. The right thumb nail which was the worst, is flattening out more; it's still mostly dark, has about 30% lightened growth now, but at least it no longer has deep bucklings. The right big toe nail looks about 95% normal. The left big toe nail is still growing out - looks about 75% normal.

I notice much improvement in LP overall, and it has slowed down and stopped spreading. All spots have improved...about 95% or stable.
  H. P., UK - Lichen Planus
Responded very well, 90% improvement. Now I only have 3 or 4 spots on my elbow but none anywhere else. The spots faded very fast.

  K. A., USA - Vitiligo
It is responding but slowly and there is improvement. 30-35% color is back. My vitiligo is not spreading. Thank God and you Dr Shah there is improvement and I hope i will fully recover soon . I am seeing a re-pigmentation.
  I.S., UK - Ankylosing Spondylitis
I have felt a lot better since starting to take the medicine. My pain has improved by 80%. So now I have 20% of pain some of the time (4 times a week I'd say on average) whereas before it was almost every night. Sometimes pain at the base of my spine and sciatica, but the strength and frequency are much less compared to before.

I am very happy with the medicine and I would say this one is working so maybe it's better I stay on this one but you guys know best.
  A. A., Egypt - Lichen Planus
I have responded quite well to the treatment. I achieved like 75% improvement of my lichen planus since the treatment started. This is significant improvement!!

As advised by your doctors, I gradually withdrew topical and oral steroids over like three weeks after starting your treatment. I noticed some increase in the symptoms (mainly itching) and lesions were a little bit more prominent. However, this is much better now, although i still get some bouts of moderate (NOT mild) itching in my legs.
  M. S., Brazil - Urticaria
I have responded very well, it is pretty amazing, I'm very excited and happy with the results so far. I've improved a lot, now I can take hot baths, I can eat pretty much anything I want I don't get the rashes after doing that. I still get some rashes whenever I am nervous, like talking in front of a crowd or something like that, but the rashes are much more less frequent and the color of rashes now are a little more light. So I still get the rashes but I am very excited with the treatment, so I would say I have improved 50 %.

Whenever I get too nervous or when I do hard exercise I still get the rashes. but with less intensity, I'd say it has improved 40 %. thank goodness I came across this site before talking the medicines.

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