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  R. K. VADAKOOTE, India - Psoriasis
A Force that was changed my life for the better that how I would put Life Force in words.
Psoriasis since 6 yrs, had taken a hell on my mental and physical state. Depression, anxiety, embarrassment; were things a hade to put up with constantly.

I knew I had to do something to get out of the omission and effects of Psoriases.

I started treatment in August 10 on the recommendation of a family member I started with a right recitation because I had already tried allopath, homeopathy, naturopathy etc.
But they only provide temporary relief, but now, Life Force has really thought about a positive and really strong change in my condition.

I am able to go at with friends and family members and enjoying all things I missed for the past 6 years,
I would really thank Dr. Anand and Dr. Rajesh Shah and his entire team for bringing about this change.

Wish them good luck for the future about this change.

Wish then good luck for the future.

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  R. Thakkar Mother of P. N. Thakkar, India - Atopic Dermatitis
My son was suffering from Atopic Dermatitis when he was just 3 months old.
I took treatment from many allopathic doctors but to my failure the case was worsted.

Then by internet I came to know about Dr. Rajesh Shah.
I took his treatment for my son and now my son is 18 months old with no Atopic Dermatitis in just 1 year Dr. Rajesh Shah made my son free from this skin disease also the staff and the doctors are very helpful at life force.

Now when I see my son I feel so relieved and happy this is all because of Dr. Rajesh Shah.
Thank you once again!!

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  - Underactive Thyroid
  - Lichen Planus
  G.B.B. , USA - Lichen Planus
I, G.B.B. PIN: 18295, was suffering from Lichen Planopilaris confirmed by biopsy since September 2009 (about two years ago). The first spot which appeared was like a circle, about 4 centimeters in diameter; the second spot which was close to the first one was about 3 centimeters in diameters (not perfect circles, more irregular than circles). These spots started on the scalp, first one spot in the September of 2009, which calmed down after 3 months of treatment (Conventional treatment: Plaquenil and Kenalog spray) and then in August/September 2010, the first spot reappeared and then I developed the second spot. I had moderate to mild itching associated with the red spots and some emotional stress since childhood.

In October 2010, I approached Life Force Center, Dr Rajesh Shah’s Clinic. My case details were taken online and I was made to fill a Questionnaire regarding my medical details and my life stresses.

After starting the treatment, I was prescribed 4 months of medicines. By the completion of 4 months, on 28 January 2011, I had responded great. I was able to stop all steroids within 2 weeks of starting treatment. All the itching and burning and inflammation had stopped. My hair started re-growing little by little. I’d say there was around 60% improvement.

I was prescribed the next set of medicines for 4 months.

My Progress report of 13 June 2011

I had great improvement. I would say 100% - no symptoms, although not all my hair has come back.
  My mother was sick with Lichen Planus and couldn't find any treatment here in Albania in several doctors. - Lichen Planus
I'm from Albania and I'm glad to be your friend on Face book. My mother was sick with Lichen Planus and couldn't find any treatment here in Albania in several doctors. My sister was looking in internet about this diagnose and find the page of Dr. Shah and Lifeforce Homeopathy. Thanks to them, my mother is taking medicine and is healed, happy and we all are very glad and grateful. Thank God we are so near because of internet. God Bless you Dr. Shah.
Respectfully Ajkana from Tirana, Albania and Family

--Une jam nga Shqiperia dhe jam e gezuar te jem shoqja juaj ne Facebook. Nena ime ishte semure me Lichen Planus dhe nuk mundi te gjeje trajtim mjekesor ketu ne Shqiperi ne disa mjeke. Motra ime po veshtronte ne internet rreth diagnozes dhe gjeti faqen e Dr. Shahut dhe LifeForce Hoemeopathy. Fale tyre, nena ime eshte duke marre mjekime dhe eshte sheruar, e lumtur dhe ne te gjithe jemi shume te gezuar dhe mirenjohes. Faleminderit Zotit, ne jemi kaq afer prej internetit. Zoti ju Bekofte Dr. Shah.
  M. D., Canada - Hepatitis C
WOW, I feel a lot better, keeping away from sweets/sugar helps. Drink lots of water. More energy, apetite is normal, as I was always an eater. I am going for blood test and viral count, platelet count.
The last time it dropped, I hope this time it will also drop.
  C. S., USA - Psoriasis
50% less oral pain. I have had positive results during this course of treatment. No new eruptions. The vaginal area is 80% better. I had the best results from this round of medication. I want to have more improvement.
  P. S., India - Lichen Planus
Thanks to Dr Shah for treating my disease which has shown a remarkable improvement . Most of the scars of the planus inside my mouth has faded away. Infact your homeopathic medicine has produced much better result than the allopathic ones.

Thanks to you DOC for making me believe in homeopathic medcines and i'm sure u can totally cure my disease. Thank you very very much............
  V. A., India - Lichen Planus
80% mprovement. In fact, no new itching or rash found since i start medicines. spots are there but only visible and pale brown colour not red or dry as earlier.
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