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  S. Sunny, India - Underactive Thyroid
I, SS, 11969, from Uttar Pradesh, India, was suffering from heavy menstrual flow and was diagnosed as having Hypothyroidism.

I was advised to take Thyroxine by my Allopathic Doctor but I was not willing for it. I started with the online treatment with Dr Shah’s Life Force Center.

Within 1 month of the treatment, I responded positively to the treatment and the heavy menstrual flow reduced by 50 %.

Although in between the course of the medicines, there were some fluctuations in the levels of TSH and heavy menses but with continuous treatment the value of TSH which was raised upto 10.9 reduced to 7.1 and gradually reached within normal limits. The heavy menstrual flow has also reduced substantially.

With 2 years of treatment, over all there has been 75 % improvement and I did not have to go in for the Allopathic medications.
  J. A. Martyres, India - Child Asthma
I, JAM, Pin Number: 15677, residing at Pune, India, was suffering from Allergic asthmatic bronchitis since last 1 year caused due to exposure to damp, cold weather and dust. I had severe Allergic coughs and colds frequently and the cough was more severe at night.

With this condition I approached Dr Shah’s clinic and after a detailed case study I was given medicines. With in 4 months of starting the treatment there was 50% improvement in my condition. The coughing spells come mainly in the night but much lesser in intensity. The wheezing has reduced completely.

The frequency and the intensity of the Allergic coughs and wheezing have considerably reduced.
  S. Raja, India - Fissure-in-ano
I, SR, Pin Number: 16089 residing in India, Tamil Nadu

I have been suffering with Anal Fissures presenting with burning and aching while passing stools. My stools were normal or medium hard in consistency associated with bleeding while passing stools, it was frank blood around 3 - 5 drops approximately. I would feel like a swelling and thickening and wound formation like a cut around the rectal region which would bleed and was very painful especially passing stools.

My complaint started around 3-4 months back but of lately the intensity of the pain was very severe and the pain remained for a longer time occurring around twice in a week.

I started with treatment under Dr Shah and within two months of starting the treatment, I experienced significant improvement. There is very good improvement and I am 75 % cured of my pain, discomfort and the swelling around the anus.

Although there were episodes of slight increase in swelling during the course of last two months but now there is considerably minimal pain and swelling and the bleeding has stopped.
  Shaikh Merajuddin, - Psoriasis
When I was affected by psoriasis initially I was very much depressed by it.

I got from internet about insuccessful allopathy treatments and its temporary relief medicines.

Luckily I got through some of the comment regarding homeopathy treatment of psoriasis in some forum websites, searched for homeopath clinics and I am glad that on first instance I came across to the beautiful informative website of Dr. Shah.

I was impressed by the information provided on the website communicated Dr. Shah, through website and started the treatment, in very short duration.

The psoriasis vanished from me. I am very thankful to Dr. Shah for his special homeopath treatment, good Luck.
Shaikh Merajuddin

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  L. M Quinones, USA - Vitiligo
I, LQ, Pin number 3303 from Florida US, presented with Vitiligo

I began with Vitiligo in 2010 presenting with big hypopigmented spots on my forehead and both sides of my chin and cheeks and a little bit in my right hand. I have never taken local or oral steroids and approached Dr Rajesh Shah for my problem, since I was already an old patient with his Center and had a good experience with his treatment.

I saw good improvement within 4 months of starting the treatment.

There is 75 percent improvement in my Vitiligo. In the face, forehead the Vitiligo spot is almost cured, I still have discoloration in the left and right side of chin, around the mouth, the area on top of my lips under the nose and a little in my right hand but the Vitiligo has stopped spreading and spots are smaller and there is repigmentation appearing gradually.

The spots are filling up from the borders and are reducing in size.

The treatment has worked very well, although I have been traveling continuously and have not been able to follow any proper eating and sleep schedule....
  S. Srivastava, India - Vitiligo
Since last 17 months I have been suffering from Vitiligo, where hypo-pigmented spots appeared on the legs, upper leg, back between the shoulders.

These spots were varying in size from 1cm x 0.5 cm to around 3cm x 3 cm in radius. The vitiligo was spreading at a fast pace. I was very worried, as no medicines seemed to work. I was desperate for a recovery, at least to sop the spread.

Within 2 months of starting the treatment at Life Force, I started seeing positive changes in my vitiligo. There was about 10% of re-pigmentation in several spots and in the rest of the spots there was 20 % reduction in the whiteness. More or less all the spots had turned dull and started to fill from the borders.

Within 6 months, about 70 % of my spots had developed normal skin color, the filling from the border continued and the spots were becoming dull.

With 10 months of treatment: response is quiet good; starting with prompt difference, followed with gradual continuous improvement. The Vitiligo stopped spreading and I saw regular re-pigmentation. The overall response is quiet good. I am very happy with the treatment and hope for a complete recovery under Dr Rajesh Shah.
  C. R. Desai, India - Psoriasis
My name is Chandrakant Ramchandra Desai.I stay in Bhandup.

Since the last five years, i was suffering from psoriasis on the palms and the soles. I tried creams and lotions prescribed by Dermatologists for around two years.
On the contrary, the lesions increased.The disease affected both palms, soles and both feet. I became depressed and thought that this disease is incurable. I was ill treated in my job due to this disease. I silently tolerated everything.

Then one day, I read Navakal newspaper and my life changed for ever. That paper carried an article written about Homeopathic treatment for psoriasis.
It gave information about Dr. Rajesh Shah's breakthrough research and success with Homeopathy.

The same day, I contacted Dr Rajesh Shah. He examined me and treated me. He reassured me of a good recovery.
Today I am 90 % better with his treatment.

If I would not have met Dr Shah, I would have been in a miserable condition.
I can affirm that if one takes Homeopathy regularly, one can get cured. I am a testimony to its magic.

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  P. Deshpande - Psoriasis
Excellent !!
I had Life Force treatment for erythrodermic Psoriasis that kept me bed ridden.
Within a week I could go to office & in six months, I was really normal.

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  N.S., Connecticut, USA - Irritable Bowel Syndrome
My name is NS, Pin number: 18940
I reside in Connecticut, USA

I was suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) since the last two to three years presenting with symptoms like fairly loose stools within 1 hour of consuming spicy and rich food (such as Pizza, burgers etc) associated with noticeable abdominal pain. This would subside in a couple of hours.

The episodes were more on eating spicy and rich food, overeating and drinking lots of soda (Coke, Pepsi etc.) and better after taking large gaps between meals and snacks and eating bland, plain and simple food.

Within 4 months of treatment, I saw about 65% improvement in my condition since I started the medicine. The usual triggers that caused diarrhea are not causing the same reaction anymore or are causing symptoms that are much milder than before.

The abdomen does not hurt anymore during the day. The frequency of stools has reduced to 2 or 3 times a day from 3 to 5 times a day. I have not noticed any mucus or blood in stools.

I have been able to fully stop the conventional medicines. There is no relapse of the condition.
  K.H., California, USA - Trigeminal Neuralgia
My name is K.H, My PIN is 9259 and I reside in California, USA

I approached Life Force Center for my TN problem. TN was a very painful condition for me and I was experiencing continuous pain and numbness on the face especially the right side of face. I would also experience severe numbness in my right hand and fingers. The thumb felt very cold, then it moved throughout my hand and the side of my neck was numb, this happened almost every day. I had a MRI done but nothing was found but the Multiple Sclerosis (MS). MS was a cause for TN. I approached Life Force for my pain and TN.

Within one year of starting the treatment, I saw very good response and I have gradually progressed from pain every day on the right side of my face to NO pain at all.

I would like to thank Dr Shah and let him know that I appreciate his medicines. It does not hurt anymore. I feel good.
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