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  N. B., Sharjah, UAE - Lichen Planus
N B, 18745, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

I, NB, started with some white lines in my mouth, they were very painful and gradually they were spreading. I was experiencing severe pain and burning in the oral mucosa which was more on taking hard food or taking sour, spicy food or hot and cold food in any form. The pain was so severe that it affected my appetite and I couldn’t eat properly due to it. I had started using a kids toothpaste as I couldn’t tolerate a adult toothpaste which caused severe burning sensation in my mouth.

I was a diabetic which was under control with oral hypoglycemics. The skin was diagnosed as being LP and I was put on a course of cyclosporin for 4 months, but there was no change. In fact the LP spread further and also appeared in my vagina. I was very frustrated with this annoying complaint as the LP spots were very itchy and ugly. I approached Dr Shah’s clinic with this complaint.

With in 2 months of starting the treatment, there was mild improvement in my burning.

Within 6 months of starting the treatment, Dr Shah, I can say that there was significant improvement in my LP. There was 60% improvement in my mouth and 20% improvement in the vagina. The size of the old spots had reduced. There was no further spread in the LP. The pain and the burning in the mouth had reduced a lot and the white lines disappeared gradually. I am back to the adult toothpaste since I am able to brush my mouth without feeling the burn from the lichen planus. I am regaining my appetite as I am able to eat everything without much discomfort.

I am very thankful to Dr Shah and his team for the all the help and for relieving me from this dreadful disease.

(Uploaded on 22 nd September by Dr ZA)

  S. S., Mumbai, India - Ankylosing Spondylitis
SS, 14956, Mumbai, India

I was suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis since last many years and reports showed high ESR levels and HLA-B27 was positive. I had severe shooting type of pain in the hip joint involving the joints around the upper back, hip and thigh. I had severe stiffness in the morning which affected my joint movements. It was a challenge for me to get up and move around especially in the morning hours. I had severe erratic pains, having no pattern which was affecting my routine activity. I was facing a difficulty in bending and turning. The pain was affecting my posture and I couldn’t walk straight.

Starting with the treatment, there was gradual improvement in my pains and joint movement.
At the end of 8 months the pain reduced to a great extent. There was 85 % improvement, the intensity of the pain and stiffness was much less as compared to what I had when we started with the treatment. There is good improvement in my joint mobility and I am able to stand and sit for longer time.

I am very thankful to Dr Shah for his sincere efforts and timely attention in helping me cope up with this debilitating disease (Ankylosing Spondylitis).

(Uploaded on 22 nd September by Dr ZA)

  R. K. K., Punjab, India - Lichen Planus
RKK: 16442: lichen planus: india Punjab:

Since last 10 years I have been suffering from Oral LP, I started developing dark purplish spots in my mouth with severe itching and burning which was more on taking hot and spicy food.

My LP was spreading and I started developing the LP spots on my genitals, nails and skin. The eruptions were severely itchy, blackish ugly and made me feel under confident and dirty about myself. In last 10 years I have shown to atleast 10 Dermatologist Dr but in vain. All of them would start me on oral or injectable steroids and strong medicines like Dapsone with which the LP would reduce to some extent, however the nail changes and the LP in the genitals and mouth would never go off completely and once I stopped these medicines the eruptions would erupt back with vengeance. I was fed up with this condition and I kept blaming my smoking habit for the LP to come back again.

With 2 months of medicines from Dr Shah’s clinic, there is remarkable improvement in the both side of cheek inside the mouth. The oral lesions are reducing by 40 % and there is 80% improvement in the genital lesion. Initially even slightest touch to the genitals caused a lot of pain and discomfort, which is now 80% better. The LP lesions on the legs and arms are drying up and are now less in number, they are becoming dry and flat. The nails are clearing up and are shiny which is like a miracle for me as I was getting habituated to having deformed nails. I am able to take hot and spicy food without much discomfort.

There is significant change in my LP, I have never felt so good, as the spots are clearing up and making me feel very healthy. Thank you Dr Shah for giving back my confidence.

(Uploaded on 22 nd September by Dr ZA)

  D. L. W., US - Urticaria
I, DL, Pin number: 16095, US, was suffering from Heat Urticaria.

I would get a stinging needle feeling all over my body and then would develop skin rashes all over my hands, legs, face and chest. This was triggered mostly in warm areas and after exposure to heat and stressful situation. I could not go out in the sun due to it and it was affecting my personal life. This was a daily event and actually occurred around 5-6 times per day lasting for hours.

I consulted a dermatologist and was diagnosed as having Heat Urticaria and was put on antihistamines.

Despite the regular intake of antihistamines, there was no change in my heat urticaria.

With Dr Shah’s treatment within 8 months of Dr Shah’s Treatment, the medicines worked like a miracle for me. The skin rashes and the stinging needle feeling went away. I have been out in the sun again! I am able to do physical labor, and even be in stressful situations and no problems! I do thank GOD everyday for you and your staff in bringing us together. I’m truly thankful for everything; this is truly amazing what this medicine has done for me.

Very good, outstanding! I am now only taking 1 antihistamine once a day, along with your medication.

Within 10 months:

Wow thank you Dr. Shah, I'm doing great the last two months have been wonderful.100% better
Thank you so much I feel so much better and I'm able to do so many things that I have not been able to do for years. I have not taken any antihistamines. Thank you so much for your treatment, it makes life tolerable.

I would say that my Urticaria is non-existent at this point. Do not take any other medicine other than what I receive from Dr. Shah.

I have been doing exceptionally well. Absolutely no pain

Uploaded on 15th September 2011 by Dr. ZA

  A K M, Hyderabad, India - Psoriasis
I AKM, from Hyderabad, India, suffering from Psoriasis. Pin number: 15257

I was struggling with severe itching and dryness of the skin in the lower back, buttocks and legs. I had developed reddish scaly patches; the scaling was like the scales of a fish. I was very much frustrated with this condition and finally approached Dr Shah’s clinic. It was a very painful condition for me and I was unable to sit comfortably due to the itching and the skin rashes, I was diagnosed as having Psoriasis. Psoriasis had ruined by daily life and I was frustrated with it.

Within 10 months of treatment with Life Force, there is very good improvement in my condition. The scaling and the itching are much better. The dryness reduced and the patches in the buttocks cleared up completely. I am living a stress free life as I am free from Psoriasis.

I am very thankful to Dr Shah who relieved my prolonged suffering caused due to Psoriasis in a very gentle way with Homeopathy.

(Uploaded on 07th Sept. 2011 by Dr ZA)

  N. Kumar, Chennai, India - Urticaria
Life Force medicine worked very well for me.
Urticaria used to occur 2-3 times in a year for me.
But now it’s been two years and it didn't reoccur.

Thanks to Dr. Rajesh Shah and his team.

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  Laurie - Lichen Planus
Have a great day and God Bless You for all you are doing and have done through the years, you are a very dedicated doctor, Dr Shah and, every Dr. should be like you but, that could never happen for, they are not caring like you or dedicated like you have been and still are.

Thank you so much for being there, for, I know that you have helped a lot of people to heal from this horrible LP that stress actually make worse.

Best regards,
  CNP, U.S. -
I, CNP, from the US (Pin O-18522) came with the Inability to pass urine and unable to relax the urethra while passing urine. I was diagnosed as having Atonic Bladder.

I was facing difficulty in passing urine and had weak flow almost like passing urine in drops. Occasionally, I had to use the catheter in order to facilitate the urine flow. Last week, I could not pass even a drop, and then I had to use the catheter again.

With 8 months of treatment, I have responded very well to this medicine. I have not used the catheter since I started Dr Shah’s medications. I am able to pass urine freely. Now and then I still have to urinate very frequently and the flow is weak but that is only occasionally. Thank you to Dr Shah's medicines which helped in improving my Urinary flow.

Uploaded on 30th August 2011 by Dr. Z.A.

  G. S. Lubana, India - Nephrotic Syndrome
My son Mst GSL (L-14437) was suffering with Nephrotic Syndrome (NS) presenting with generalized swelling and protein loss of 4+. He had these recurrent episodes of protein loss. He was put on steroids for the same.

We were very concerned about our son's NS.

Within 1 year of starting treatment with Dr Shah's clinic, the episodic protein loss came under control and we could gradually taper down and stop the steroids completely. The generalized swelling reduced.

We are very happy to see our son free from the steroids thanks to Dr Shah's Homoepathic Treatment.

(Uploaded on 24 Aug 2011 by Dr ZA)

  A. K. Srivastva, India - Psoriasis
I, AKS (Pin number: 16342) was suffering from Palmo Plantar Psoriasis since almost 1.5 years, presenting with severe hardness of the skin on the palms and soles associated with severe scaling. These complaints would increase in winter.

Within 2 months of starting the treatment, I observed very good response;

The medicine started showing the results right from the very first week, and within 2 weeks soles of my feet turned back to normal, and the patches in palms were also gone. Later either because of some work pressure or other worries it has come back in palms, but feet soles are still good. I would say that about 60-65% has turned back to normal and the Psoriasis is not spreading further.

I am thankful to Dr Shah for the quick response and I am hopeful that there will not be any further spread in my Psoriasis.

(Uploaded on 24 Aug 2011 by Dr ZA)

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