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  P. S., India - Vitiligo
My son Mst P.S., Pin Number 11750, developed Vitiligo spots in the lower lip, corner of lips and nostrils. These white spots were spreading gradually and now he was developing white spots around his ears.

The vitiligo spot had made my family very worried. They were searching for a good Homeopathic doctor. They were suggested Life Force by a relative. We came to Mumbai for the treatment.

With in 1 year of treatment, the spread of the spot had stopped and the spots started appearing pinkish.

The vitiligo has completely cured in two years. The facial spots have gone completely and there is 100 % improvement in his Vitiligo.

Uploaded on 12 th October 2011 by Dr ZA

  S. M. M., India, - Sleeplessness
I, S. M. M. Pin number: 16562, approached Life Force for my PCOD problem, having irregular menses and was taking hormonal treatment to regularize the menses. With this I was also suffering from severe sleeplessness and dandruff problem. My sleep was disturbed and very dreamy. I would have severe mood changes with it like feeling angry and depressed all tihe time.

Within 2 months of starting the treatment with Dr Shah, my sleep is much better, I am able to sleep well and have nice sleeping hours now, the dandruff has gone. This has made me very relaxed mentally and although I am still on hormonal treatment for PCOD but after this quick response in my other medical problems I am very hopeful that Dr Shah’s medicines will help me with that.

Uploaded on 5th October 2011 by Dr ZA

  S. K., India. - Lichen Planus
I, S. K. Pin number: 15582, Lichen Planus, from India.

Since last 10 years I started with severe itching and hyperpigmented elevated eruptions on my hands, feet, wrist, soles and knuckles. These eruptions were violet in colour and were gradually becoming blackish in colour. For last 10 years I have been treated by a Dermatologist on steroidal medications with no relief as I was diagnosed as being a case of extensive Lichen Planus.

Being fed up of the complaints and having it from last so many years I had given up all hopes but started with Homeopathy from Dr Shah’s clinic on my parent’s insistence.

I am pleasantly surprised to report that with in 4 months of starting the treatment, there is 60 % improvement in my conditions. The Lichen Planus eruptions are flattening and are fading away. There is no further spread. This is the first time in last 10 years that I have been able to experience this kind of quick and positive response. I am very happy regaining my normal skin and very thankful To Dr Shah’s team for all the efforts and good response.

Uploaded on 17 th October 2011 by Dr ZA

  J. D., India, - Urticaria
I, J. D. Pin number: 15863, was suffering from urticaria since last 6 months and would have hives almost daily and had to take Cetrizine (Antihistamine medications) almost daily. I would develop hives after taking food items like spinach, tomato, spices like red chilli and non veg food like eggs, chicken, meat, fishes and prawns. Fruits like oranges, grapes, pineapple, toor daal, curd and tangy foods triggered the Urticaria. My hives would get triggered before menses and with excessive sweating. It was affecting my routine life as I was not able to tolerate a lot of food items. The itching was so severe that it caused disturbance in the sleep.

Within 6 months, there is about 90% of improvement in my hives, the frequency and intensity has reduced to a greater extent.

Now the eruptions occur only if I eat the food items which are extra spicy, prawns and something tangy and tight clothing, other time there are no hives, only before menses, I still get it. I am able to tolerate a lot of other food items which in past caused the Urticaria.

I was taking Cetrizine daily but now the dosage and the dependence has reduced with the treatment. I am still continuing the treatment but I am positive about being fully cured of the Urticaria and also being able to eat all other food items which were acting as a trigger factor in past.

Uploaded on 17 th October 2011 by Dr ZA

  N. Bajoria, India - Vitiligo
I have very good result with the tratment.

Now my full family is is concerned with Dr. Rajesh Shah (Life Force). It is very easy to contact and give our response.

I am really very happy with the treatment.

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  S. M., USA - Alopecia Areata
I, S. M, US, Pin number: 19168

I had two bald patches of Alopecia Areata when I was 13 which fully recovered on its own. Then I didn't have the alopecia areata problem until last few years where it started again. I had 1-3 bald patches appearing at a time which lasted for few months then the hair would re-grow and new bald patches appeared again on another part of my scalp. I would go anything from 6 weeks to 3 months with no alopecia areata and then it would return. The patches would vary in size from being coin shaped to as big as approximately 5 cm by 3 cm.

With in 6 months of starting the treatment with Dr Shah’s Life Force Center, I have responded very well. The patch of alopecia on top of my head has fully re-grown within about 2 months of starting treatment. The large patch at the back of my head/neck (which has been there for over a year) has fully re-grown. There is just a tiny area in the centre not fully re grown at present and this area is full of fine baby hairs. I had two patches before starting treatment and within 6 months I nearly have no patches now.

It’s been almost 6 months that I have stopped the treatment but there has been no relapse in my condition. I am very grateful to Dr Shah in helping me get rid of this condition.

Uploaded on 12 th October 2011 by Dr ZA

  S. C., India - Alopecia Areata
I, S.C, India, Pin number: 14501

I was suffering from Alopecia Areata since last 3-4 years. I was experiencing hairless spots on the chin and beard region 2-3 in number, occurring at a gap of 4-6 months. I was also developing patches in the moustache area. Recently I also noticed some hairless patch on the scalp around the occipital region.

I have been on medication since 1 year; all the patches on head and face are almost cured. There is total regrowth of hair on the beard and the scalp area. There is no occurrence of the new patches.

I am very thankful to Dr. Shah for his specialised homeopathic treatment.

Uploaded on 10 th October 2011 by Dr ZA

  D. Shah, India - Psoriasis
My experience at Life Force in one sentence is that 'Life Force makes MIRACLES Comes true'.

My younger daughter Isha had severed constipation which was cured by Life Force just in 4 months before which all the allopathic and ayurvedic medicines had failed.

My elder daughter Dhwani had psoriasis from birth till 9 yrs. and Life Force cured it in just 8 months.

And me puja shah is has been able to fight spondylitis just because of Life Force.
So is its just the best.
  A. Singh, UK - Nephrotic Syndrome
My son Mst AS was suffering from NS since last many years. He would have repeated episodes of protein loss in the urine and swelling over the face and the body. We had started with steroids for him. The steroids helped in reducing the protein loss in urine but when ever he would have some infection specially throat infection that would again increase the protein loss and his need for steroids increased day by day. This treatment was making Amardeep very irritable and short tempered by nature and he would have relapses with the episodes of protein leak almost every 3 months.

With in 5 months of starting the treatment, there was good response and his relapse had also reduced. He had relapse only once in last 6 months. This relapse was very mild in intensity and he had no swelling at all. Thank you.

We were able to taper the doses of steroids to almost half of what was given in past and his protein leak was nil, which made us very happy as we were tired of his dependence on steroids.

We are very happy to see a cheerful Amardeep again and can't stop thanking Dr Shah for the wonderful treatment.

Uploaded on 8th October 2011 by Dr ZA

  V. R., USA -
I was suffering from past 3 years with small red bumps which would change to white pus filled eruptions, these blisters appeared around the vaginal area, and they were painful, itchy and caused severe burning sensation around my genital areas, buttocks and inner thigh. I was diagnosed as having Genital Herpes. The outbreak would appear mainly before my periods and many times I had two episodes every month.

I started with Dr Shah's treatment and it helped me effectively. Thank you Dr Shah.

The medicines reduced the episodes of the out break and the intensity of the eruptions and the complaints reduced drastically.

Thank you again for making me free from this discomforting disease.

Uploaded on 4 th October 2011 by Dr ZA

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