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  M. K., India. -
M. K., India, Pin no:19449, Since last 4 yrs I was suffering from vertigo. I would have vertigo with continuous nausea. I was diagnosed having Meniere’s disease and was started with Anti vertigo medicines. I was frustrated with the dependence on the Allopathic medications but even that was not helping me. I approached Dr Shah’s Life Force.

Within 4 months of starting with the medicines my vertigo has stopped completely. I am able to do my routine work as the continuous nauseating feeling has gone. I am very happy and satisfied with the treatment.

Uploaded on 16 th November 2011 by Dr. Z.A.

  D. B., US - Frequent Colds
D. B., US, Pin no. 19396. I was suffering from frequent colds and allergic tendency; I would have continuous running nose and sneezing. I used to be very exhausted and sleepy for long hours, it was probably due to the side effects of the Anti allergic medications which I was taking for the last many years.

After starting the treatment, the frequency of my cold has reduced a lot, last 3 months has gone without cold and sneezing. I had only one attack that was also very mild. The medicines have worked very well for my cold and allergies.

Uploaded on 22 nd November 2011 by Dr. Z.A.

  I, S.S, India - Urticaria
I, S.S, Pin number: 6128, suffering from Urticaria. Since last 1 year I was suffering from urticaria. I would get the hives almost daily and would end up having swelling of the lips. I was experiencing severe itching with red eruptions all over the body. I was put on Antihistaminic medications for it and it was so severe that I had become dependent on antihistamines and couldn’t live without taking it. I was very sad and losing hope of ever being free from Urticaria.

With in 2 months of starting with Dr Shah’s medicines, I could see positive changes in my skin condition, the frequency of urticaria remained the same and I was still getting it daily however it was less in severity. The eruptions and the redness was less.

I had regained a ray of hope of getting well with this treatment.

With another 4 months, there is drastic improvement in my urticaria and I do not get the hives that frequently. To my pleasant surprise I have been able to stop the antihistamines. I have regained my confidence and feel more hopeful about life.

Uploaded on 17 th November 2011 by Dr. Z.A.

  A. R. Singh, India - Lichen Planus
A. R. Singh, Pin no. 15199, I was suffering from Oral LP since last 10 months having severe burning sensation inside the mouth which was more on taking spicy food. There were white streaks in my inner cheeks.

Within 8 months of starting the treatment, I have responded very well to the treatment. I can say there is 60 % improvement in my Lichen Planus, the spreading has stopped and there is flattening of the eruptions. I am very happy with the treatment and very thank full to Dr Shah for his professional approach.

Uploaded on 25th November 2011 by Dr. Z.A.

  P. S., India - Urticaria
P. S., Pin no. 16340, India. The last two years I was miserable having hives all over the body and these would recur almost daily, infact 4-5 times per day. I would have itching with reddish eruptions all over. On consulting a dermatologist I was started on Antihistamines. But even these medicines didn’t have any positive effect on my Urticaria, with those medicines I would feel sleepy and tired all the time. I had also started developing Angio odema (swelling over the lips).

Within 6 months of treatment, I can feel like that Urticaria and the Angio oedema has reduced by 75 %. I am very much satisfied with the treatment and looking forwards towards getting 100 % rid of the Urticaria. Thank you Dr Shah.

Uploaded on 18 th November 2011 by Dr. Z.A.

  L. N., India - Lichen Planus
I had a pleasant experience in this clinic. I came with Lichen Planus all over my arms, legs and feet. I was very stemmed due this problem.

After three months medicines I noticed the changes on my skin. After one year of treatment 90% of my patches had been disappeared. Also I feel the texture of my skin improved.

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  K.T., Florida, USA - Hepatitis C
"Life Force has been a valuable tool to attain HCV viral reduction , after non-response to interferon and viral load over 8million I am now under 50. Essentially undetectable. In my case I believe the right combination of supplements diet and exercise allowed my body to naturally reduce the viral load."
  U. M., US - Ulcerative Colitis
U.M, 17316, US, I was suffering from Ulcerative Colitis. I would have constant desire for passing stools with severe crampy pain in the abdomen. I would have constant bloating sensation with gas formation. There was blood and mucus in stools. I would have a lot of diarrhea. I was put on the same conventional medicines like azathioprine, mesacol etc, however there was no change despite these medications. Frustrated with this complaint I approached Dr Shah’s clinic. With Dr Shah’s medicines, within 4 months of starting the treatment, now I have no pain in abdomen, the passing of blood and mucus has also reduced. I am very happy with the treatment and continuing the treatment with a hope of being fully recovered from this chronic condition.

Uploaded on 8th November 2011 by Dr Z.A.

  I. J. C, US, - Alopecia Areata
I. J. C, 12582, US, I was suffering from Alopecia Areata since last many years. I would get big sized hairless patches on the scalp, one patch would go and another patch would appear, this was a vicious cycle since last many years. I would feel awkward as these spots were visible externally. Frustrated with this complaint I approached Dr Shah's clinic. With Dr Shah's medicines, I have responded well to the treatment. The last one year has been very good as the number of hairless patches has drastically reduced. There are no new patches and only 2 but very tiny patches are left. I am continuing with Dr Shah's treatment as now I am very positive that his medicines will help me get rid of this disease (Alopecia Areata) completely!

Uploaded on 11 th November 2011 by Dr Z.A.

  A. S., Maldives - Psoriasis
I, A. S. 18308, Maldives, since last 10-12 years I was suffering from Psoriasis, I had reddish patches all over the body. They were extensive and caused severe itching and scaling of the skin. The Psoriatic Patches would continuously recur and relapse. This problem has made me very sad and nervous as a lot of time as well as money was being spent on all the different modes of treatment but with no or very poor control of Psoriasis.

Within 2 months of starting the treatment, I started noticing positive changes. The patches started reducing, the redness, itching reduced. There was minimal scaling of the skin. I also started regaining my confidence as I felt I was in the right hands.

With continuous treatment of 1 year, it's been quite good. Although there have been these relapses while on treatment but they were not as extensive as in past and they would settle down faster. At present I can say I am almost 65 % better. In last 10 years for once I am feeling like I have a normal skin like others as the patches are better and there is no scaling of the skin.

I thank Dr Shah for his truthful efforts and timely attention in helping me cope up with Psoriasis and in regaining my confidence back.

Uploaded on 12 th November 2011 by Dr Z.A.

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