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  R. S., India -
I, R.S, Patient Identification Number: 12263, was suffering from constant humming sound in my ears, I also had vertigo associated with it and hearing loss. I was diagnosed as having Meniere's disease. The continuous sounds in the ear had made me very irritable by nature.

With Dr Shah’s medicines there is 90 % improvement in my condition. The humming sounds have reduced and there is no vertigo at all. I feel much better and comfortable after the treatment course. The irritability caused due to the constant sounds in the ears has also reduced drastically. Thank you Dr Shah!

Uploaded on 22 January 2012 by Dr. Z.A.

  M. A. Z., Jordan - Urticaria
Last 8 months, I (Pin no: O- 19538) have been suffering from wheals all over the body; it was associated with swelling on eyes, lips and face, the episodes were almost daily. I was put on Antihistamine medications which is the standard conventional treatment for a case of Chronic Urticaria.

I approached Dr Shah's clinic and started with the treatment online, with 4 months of medicines I have responded very well to the treatment.

The improvement is very good and now the attacks won’t last for more than 24hours and the colour is lighter (more pinkish) the eruptions only cover smaller areas than before. The intensity is less than before as I said above and frequency is less, it would disappear for 1-1.5 weeks.

I have been able to stop antihistamine medications after starting Dr Shah’s medicines.

I never thought I will be able to stop the Antihistamine and still not have any Urticaria, I am grateful to Dr Shah for relieving me of this complaint.

Uploaded on 29 th January 2012 by Dr. Z.A.

  R. N. H, India - Vitiligo
I (PIN no.: 17258) approached Dr Shah for my Vitiligo problem; I had white spots since last 4-5 months which were gradually spreading. After a detailed case analysis by Dr Shah where I also mentioned about having migraine since last 12 yrs and I thought I could never get rid of it as it I had a family history of Migraine. I also shared my stresses with Dr Shah.

Within 3 months of starting the treatment, I have had significant improvement in my migraine and the spread of Vitiligo is under control as well. I want to thank Dr Shah for the moral support. I would also like to thank Dr Shah for the time spent while on my visit to the clinic, for taking interest in my problem and helping me deal with my stressful situation and counseling me. I felt motivated and could take rational decision.

Uploaded on 17 th January 2012 by Dr Z.A.

  F. A. B, India - Lichen Planus
I (PIN: L-16029) am local resident of Hyderabad, suffering from a skin condition called as Lichen Planus (LP) as was explained by my local Doctor. Out of curiosity I did a search on LP and came across Dr Shah's site on LP and I was very surprised to see that the description given was very much similar to my skin condition. On speaking with one of the associate Drs I was sure that I am at the right place. I started with the online treatment and within 7 months of treatment my LP which has been on my arms, legs, almost all over the body from the last 1 year started reducing. The spread was under control. I no longer had any itching and burning on my skin. My skin felt very nice and soft. I must congratulate Dr Shah for running such an educative site which is an ocean of information about all the medical problems. Thank you Dr Shah! God bless you!

Uploaded on 31st January 2012 by Dr. Z.A.

  S. S, India - Frequent Colds
I, Ms. S.S, Patient Identification Number 17394, Since 10 years I was suffering from sinusitis and headache. I was very much frustrated with the complaints. This would get triggered by taking a head bath or by exposure to extreme sunlight. The headache was so severe that it affected my personal life. Within 2 months of starting the treatment the headache has reduced by 50 - 60%. I feel much better then before. The intensity of the headache is less and I can go out in sunlight without getting much worried about having a headache.

God bless Dr Shah!

Uploaded on 20 th January 2012 by Dr.Z.A.

  R. C. D., India - Urticaria
I (Patient Identification Number 16191) was suffering from Urticaria since last 2 years presenting with wheal formation and excess itching and hives on the body. The hives would get triggered due to intake of milk and coffee. This complaint had made me dependent on Antiallergic medications which was still not helping me. I was also suffering from frequent colds and allergies.

Within 6 months of starting the treatment, there was good improvement. I have responded very well to the treatment. In last 6 weeks there is no Urticaria coming up. I also tried taking coffee and I could take it without getting an Urticaria. Last 3-4 months, there are no urticaria episodes. My colds and allergies are also under control. I am very happy and satisfied with the treatment.

Uploaded on 10 th Jan 2011 by Dr. Z.A.

  C. S. D., India. - Urticaria
It’s been almost 5 years that I (Pin no. L-15635) was suffering from Urticaria and was started on Antihistamines but nothing seemed to be helping me. I was on Antihistamine and now also started on steroids for it. The daily hives were frustrating and it was affecting my routine life, as I couldn’t even eat comfortably. Due to the urticaria I had to avoid taking non vegetarian food as that triggered the Urticaria. With Dr Shah’s medicines I have responded very well to the treatment. The frequency and the intensity of the Urticaria has reduced. There is no Angioedema and no swelling on the lips. Since the Urticaria is under control, my need for Antihistamine medications has also reduced.

I am thankful to Dr Shah’s Life Force Homeopathy which has brought back a smile on my face by treating my Urticaria!

Uploaded on 18 th January 2012 by Dr. Z.A.

  C. S., UK - Lichen Planus
I, C.S. Patient Identification number: 17691, from UK have been suffering from Lichen Planus since last 3 years. I had hyperpigmented spots on hands, back, waist, around abdomen, flanks and legs. With Dr Shah’s medicines for almost a year now, I have responded very well to the treatment. I have 95% recovery which is excellent. I am so delighted with this consistent improvement. I have improved a great deal from the start of taking the medicine. The marks have also started to fade off. Thank you Dr Shah!

Uploaded on 15th January 2012 by Dr. Z.A.

  V. R., UK - Nephrotic Syndrome
My 7 years old daughter (Pin no: O-18583) was suffering from Nephrotic syndrome since she was 3yrs old. She used to have swelling all over body and recurrent cold coryza even while on steroids. Steroids used to have negative effect on her body.

I am really glad to see my daughter hasn't had any relapse of Nephrotic syndrome ever since we started giving her Dr Shah's medicines from 8 months. She used to have a relapse once a year since beginning of this disease, but this year she hasn't had any relapse. I am thankful to Dr Shah as she is doing very well without any steroids or Immuno suppressants. The improvement is vast

Uploaded on 17th January 2012 by Dr. Pankaj

  H. M. A. R, Singapore - Psoriatic Arthritis
I (Pin no: O-19648) was suffering from Psoriasis since last 7 years. Despite all the treatment, the skin was not subsiding and it had progressed further to involve the joints. I would have very severe stiffness in the joints. I was made to understand by Dr Shah’s team of Drs that I was suffering from Psoriatic Arthritis.

With this understanding, I started with the online treatment.

Within 4 months of Dr Shah’s treatment, the response has been very good and the skin is clearing up, there is 50 % improvement in the skin condition. The skin color is also changing. I feel relief in my joint pains as well. I am still continuing the treatment as I am well aware that 7 years of suffering will not just go off in a short duration of 4 months. The beginning is wonderful. With methotrexate, I had severe nausea and weakness. These pills have a pleasant taste and I feel energetic. I was apprehensive about the herbal medicines; however, they are very effective.

I am thankful to Dr Shah for making me aware of my medical problem and for the timely and prompt assistance by his team.

Uploaded on 14 th January 2012 by Dr.Z.A.

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