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991. Piles were treated and i could get back to my life like before... -

An elderly male aged 66 years Mr.V. B. (PIN 10370) reported to our clinic bleeding piles since 15 years. He use to pass frank blood everyday after stools. He also complained of Read More...

992. He never had the hives again.... - Urticaria

G. K., (Pin Number-L-10344) 34 year old male consulted Dr Shah for treatment of his chronic urticaria.

He was troubled with the urticaria since 2 to 3 years. Read More...

993. And my palms and soles got normal again.... - Psoriasis

A 49 yrs male, Mr. A. C. (PIN 9799) visited Life Force Homeopathy for psoriasis treatment. Read More...

994. And the anxious expression on her face was replaced by a cheerful smile.... - Eczema

S K, 3 years 2 months old child (Pin11792) suffering from atopic dermatitis since 6 months of age was brought to India by her parents. The complaints had started with redness of skin and excessive dryness, followed by scales. It began on her scalp, then the face got affected with gradual spread on the bends of elbows and knees. Read More...

995. Steroids stopped, Asacol reduced with homeopathy, with no relapse of the colitis. - Ulcerative Colitis

A 14 yr old young short statured, lean boy named Master G.V (Patient ref no.L-10697) reported to the clinic with his parents with complaints of ulcerative colitis since 2 ½ yrs. He had been diagnosed as having rectal proctitis through renal biopsy and sigmoidoscopy suggested ulcerative colitis. Read More...

996. Chronic urticaria not responding with cyclosporine gets significant results with homeopathy. - Urticaria

A 29yrs female contacted Life Force Homeopathic Clinic for her complaint of urticaria for 6 months or so. She was troubling from extensive rash all over body along with severe itching, burning and swelling of affected parts. These lesions generally showed up at night and remained for almost 2 days. Bathing gave her temporary relief. She was on cyclosporine treatment as was not responding to any of the conventional medicines. Skin biopsy was done which conformed that she is suffering from urticarial vasculitis. Read More...

997. Whole body psoriasis is cured in 6 months with homeopathy. - Psoriasis

31 yrs old, male (PIN 11996), came with extensive psoriasis all over his body. He had been suffering with psoriasis for past 6-7 months. There was severe scaling and the psoriasis was spreading rapidly with new lesions coming up. There was tremendous itching which would get worse at night. He was on betnovate creams, which gave him temperory relief. He also complained of pain in the knees since 3-4 months. Read More...

998. IBS treated successfully within 6 months of homeopathy treatment... - Irritable Bowel Syndrome

A 28 yrs old male, Mr M B ( PIN- 12230) came to the clinic with complaint of unsatisfactory stools 2-3/day, frequent urge to go to pass stools, earlier mucus in stools, now very less, stools semisolid, pain in abdomen, constant abd heaviness and fullness, bloating, abdominal gases. He would feel full easily on little intake, so food intake had reduced, no taste of food in mouth, tongue feels heavy and thick. He had general weakness. Dr Shah diagnosed it as Irritable bowel syndrome. Read More...

999. 35 years old asthma finds successful treatment in 6 months with homeopathy.... - Child Asthma

An elderly lady aged 64 Mrs R.K (PIN L-10938), was brought to Life Force by her son. She was a known case of asthmatic bronchitis since 35 yrs.

She had frequent cold and cough for many years. It was so distressing for her more so during the night, when she had to wake up inorder to hawk out the cough. This would disturb her sleep and it would be unrefreshing for her the next day. This was accompanied by breathlessness, she would get up in bed and gasp for breath, would want the doors and windows to be open. These complaints had become severe since one year as it would occur everyday. Read More...

1000. Complete cure in a 3 month old baby girl from atopic eczema... - Eczema

One morning, extremely anxious parents of a 3 month old baby girl Ms. R K ( Pin L-10054) came to Dr Shah. The baby had eczema all over her body. She had it since ten days after birth. The rashes were extensive, had spread all over the body on back, chest, hands and legs. Read More...

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