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61. “God Bless You Doctor Shah... Your miracle medicine has given my life back... It was tough battle with Urticaria. Thank you so much….” - Urticaria

Mrs. N. A. was surfing on the internet for homeopathic treatment for Urticaria. She came across Dr. Shah’s website and made a quick chat with one of our associate doctors. She made an appointment to meet Dr. Shah personally. She visited Life Force on 14th October 2013. She had traveled from Delhi. She was (Patient Identification Number - 21780) thirty one years old young married lady with a two year old child. She had started with these hives since May 2013. It was confined to the scalp only and would happen once in four to five days. The intensity was moderate to severe and would stay all day. The hives, itching and burning increased since July 2013. At that time the hives would come all over the body, once in fifteen days and would last for four to five days. She had to take a week’s cortisone medicines to get relief. She resorted to ayurvedic treatment for a month, but did not get any result. For the past two months she was taking treatment from local homeopathic doctor without much results. She had similar Urticaria episode at the age of twelve, which was treated successfully with homeopathic medicines then. Read More...

62. Dr. Shah came as a blessing to me. I got completely treated of my Lichen Planus. - Lichen Planus

Twenty seven years old, young smart lady, J. J. visited our clinic on 19th April 2005. Her patient identification number is 7299. She was suffering from Lichen Planus since nine months. The eruptions were on the legs, back and hands. They were itchy. The recent new spot had come on right forearm since a month. She had taken homeopathy medicines from a local doctor for two months and was presently taking cortisone local application. Read More...

63. “I got a new ray of hope. It’s changed my life and made me happier than ever before.” - Ankylosing Spondylitis

Mr. R. R. C. was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis at the age of twenty years. He is at present twenty five years old. His complaints of pain, stiffness had increased since the last six months. His mobility had decreased by 90%. He had low back pain and stiffness associated with cervical pain and stiffness. He had severe sacro-ilitis which presented as severe pain and stiffness in both hips. He had difficulty even to walk properly. He was unable to lift any weight. He had a fall on his back five years ago. He was misdiagnosed by the doctor as tuberculosis of the bone and given conventional treatment in the form of injections for two months. He would take cortisone as and when required under the supervision of the local doctor. He visited Life Force on 2nd August 2011 to start homeopathy treatment. His patient identification number is 16602. Read More...

64. A young team leader found cure for his distressing Migraine with just 4 month’s medications with Dr. Shah. - Migraine

Mr. M. W. T. visited Life Force Borivali center on 18th December 2013. He was working as a team leader in a back office of a multinational company. He was suggested about Dr. Shah by his manager. Read More...

65. 75% relief achieved in chronic complaints of GERD. - GERD

Mr. A. M. M. visited Santacruz clinic on 29th August 2013. He was sixty years old retired gentleman. He had complaint of GERD since past eighteen years. It had increased since past four to six months. The symptoms were bloating sensation, empty eructation, belching, and flatulence. Occasionally he would feel nausea and vomiting. The bowels were normal and regular. The complaints would remain for a complete night. He would take 'home remedies' as and when required. He would also take antacid – Tablet Pan D ( pantoprazole + domperidone) for relief. Read More...

66. Woman with Trigeminal Neuralgia pain episodes after brushing eating and talking, she recovered completely with 8 year follow up - Trigeminal Neuralgia

Elderly woman aged 61 years Mrs. T. L. (Patient Identification number- 8576) was suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia since the last five years. She approached Life Force on 14th June 2006 and registered online for the homeopathic treatment under Dr. Shah. Read More...

67. Chronic Psoriasis showed good improvement with Homeopathic medicines at Life Force. - Psoriasis

62 years old female, Mrs.U.P.S. (Patient Identification Number: 12443) visited clinic on 25th July 2009 for her complaints of Psoriasis. Read More...

68. He said that Dr Shah had cured his chronic Urticaria permanently. - Urticaria

Thirty years old, MBA executive visited Dr. Shah’s clinic on 8th August 2001. Mr. M. C. was residing in Mumbai. His patient identification number is 4472. He was suffering from Urticaria and was fed up of taking two anti allergic (Tab Atarax and Tab Allegra) daily with just temporary relief of few hours. It had started since his visit to Poland. He had used thermal wear and eaten canned food over there. He was taking these anti allergic medicines since five months. He had done allergy test which had detected few things like groundnut, milk, rice, tomatoes, lemon, and curd. He would get rashes by rubbing the skin. Read More...

69. Lichen Planus cured completely with just four months medicines. - Lichen Planus

An Indian from abroad registered online for the treatment of Lichen Planus on 27th February 2006. Mr. S. S. M. was a thirty five years old young gentleman. He had gone abroad for business purpose for few months. His patient identification number on registration was 9206. Read More...

70. A 62 years old, Mrs. K.R.I. (Patient Identification Number: 17287 visited the clinic on 18 October 2011 with complaints of Fibroadenoma of breast and severe anxiety. - Anxiety Neurosis

Since last 2 years she staretd with severe excruciating pain in the left breast, the pain would even radiate to her back. The pain would almost occur everyday associated with heaviness in the left breast. On examination there were no external lumps but on mammography showed bening calcification in both breast. This had made her very anxious and her only worry was whether this lump will get cancerous in future. Read More...

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