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421. A 8 years old boy got 80% relief from atopic dermatitis with 6 months of homeopathic treatment. - Eczema

Master S.L (Patient Identification Number- 19805) visited life force center on 1st September 12 for the treatment of atopic dermatitis. Read More...

422. Asthma, an allergic condition cured with good Homeopathic treatment - Child Asthma

Ms. D.N.S, Patient Identification Number 15174, 35 year old obese women visited the clinic on 6 December 2010.

Since last 4 years Ms. D.N.S, started with complaints of Asthma, she would start with sneezing, colds followed with breathlessness. The wheezing was more in winters and on physical exertion.She was put on allopathic medicines and was taking the inhalers almost daily.The medicines were not working for her. Read More...

423. A 7 year old child cured of Molluscum with a well selected homeopathic remedy. -

A stout 7 year old school boy was brought to the clinic on 11 August 2009 with the complaints of Molluscum contagiosum. He had papular eruptions on the face around cheeks and the chest. The eruptions were very itchy and slightly scaly. He had these eruptions since last 2 months and were gradually spreading and increasing in number. Read More...

424. My daughter showed remarkable improvement in her Urticaria within 4 months - Urticaria

Ms YPK (PIN 18147) a 14 yrs old, 9th grade student from South Mumbai got registered in Life Force on 2nd February 2012 as a case of Urticaria. She is a daughter of Income Tax Officer from Mumbai Mr PK. Because of busy schedule Mr PK preferred online consultation. All the details about his daughter were given by him on phone. Read More...

425. An aged man, 75 years old was successfully treated for his rapidly spreading Psoriasis. - Psoriasis

Mr. M. T. P. (Patient Identification Number - 17345) visited our Borivali clinic on 26th October, 2011 with his younger son. He was suffering from rapidly spreading, extensive Psoriasis since 5 months. His symptoms were dryness, scaling and maculo papular eruptions. He had severe itching followed by burning. The nails too were affected due to Psoriasis. He had been applying lots of steroid medicines and taking phototherapy since few months. Read More...

426. My hair fall , fissure in ano and fibroadenoma improved significantly, thanks to Dr. Shah. - Hair Falling

25 years old Ms. K. R. S. (Patient Identification Number - 21825) resided in Australia for further studies. Her father was taking treatment for gout(joint pains) for himself. He had good improvement so he wanted to start homeopathic treatment for his daughter. She was absent but her father gave her case details.Dr. Shah suggested her to send few photographs for better evaluation so that appropriate medication can be prescribed.Her case was started on 23rd May 2013. She was suffering from Hair fall since past 6-7 months. There were thinning of hair on forehead and right side of scalp. She had no dandruff or itching on her scalp. Read More...

427. Promising result in a 63 year old patient with multiple problems like Psoriasis, Lichen Planus and Anxiety Neurosis. - Psoriasis

A 63 years, retired Grade one officer from Indian petroleum company named Mr MKS (PIN 15529) reported in Life Force on 19th February 2011. He was basicaly a south Indian, but at present a resident of Mumbai since more than 15 years. Read More...

428. Promising result in a old patient with multiple diseases like Lichen Planus, Psoriasis and Anxiety Neurosis. - Lichen Planus

A 63 years, retired Grade one officer from Indian petroleum company named Mr MKS (PIN 15529) reported in Life Force on 19th February 2011. He was basicaly a south Indian, but at present a resident of Mumbai since more than 15 years. Read More...

429. Quick and dramatic improvement in six years old Psoriasis and lichen planus. - Lichen Planus

Mr JG (PIN no.18562) 54 yrs Businessman from Mulund , Mumbai reported in March 2012. Since 6 years he was suffering from dryness, scaling, itching and burning sensation on his hands, back, axilla, abdomen. Dermatologist diagnosed it as a case of Psoriasis with no remission in 6 years. His complaints would get aggravate during every change of weather. He was given only antihistaminic (antiallergy) medicines for itching that would give him relief for 8-10 hrs and again complaints would be as it is. Read More...

430. A 50 years old female patient suffering from Arthritis could walk properly without any pain with Dr. Rajesh Shah's homeopathic treatment. -

Mrs. S.B.T (Patient Identification number 17821) was suffering from knee joints pain since last 3 years. She would get the pain daily for 2-3 hours. She was getting difficulty in walking on account of severe pain in knee joints. Stiffness was also there, specially in early morning. Her pain would get worse in evening, by walking and in cold weather. On examination, there was swelling over knee joints. She had to take pain killers every alternate day to control the pain. Read More...

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