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401. "Joints pain successfully treated with Homeopathy" -

Mr. A. V. (Patient Identification Number - 18202) availed our online treatment for low backache and heel pain on 7th February, 2012. He was a 29 years old young gentleman residing in Tamil Nadu. He had started with these complaints since 4 months. He would experience pain and stiffness after sitting at one place for long hours. He had taken some pain killers from local doctors for a month but could not find any relief. He had conducted the necessary blood tests and MRI which were normal. Read More...

402. Seronegative Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) got effectively treated with Dr. Rajesh Shah's homeopathic treatment. -

A sixty years old female Mrs. M.K.J (Patient Identification number 16313) visited Life Force on 24th June 2011 for the complaint of knee joint pain. She was suffering since last 6-7 months. Left ankle joint was also affected. She would get severe pain and stiffness in knee joints and left ankle joint. Stiffness was more in the morning. After getting up from the sleep in the morning, she was not able to put her feet on the ground, on account of stiffness and pain. There was difficulty in walking. Her pain would get worse in the morning and in cold weather and she would get temporary relief by massage and hot fomentation. On examination, there was moderate swelling on her knee joints and left ankle joint. She had been tested for Rheumatoid factor, but the test came negative. There were no joint deformities. Read More...

403. A case of Genital warts responded quickly with Homeopathic medicine -

Mr AG (PIN no.18167) 32 yrs Businessman from Sion , Mumbai reported in February 2012. Since 2 years he was suffering from genital warts. There was a small wart at tip of penis. The wart was increasing in size. There were no symptoms associated with like itching or bleeding. He used to apply silver nitrate or cauterise it with some acid. But the wart would again come up with bigger size. Read More...

404. 43 years old, executive completely cured of Molluscum Contagiosum with 9 months of treatment. -

Mr. R. B (Patient Identification Number - 16281) visited our Borivali clinic on 18 June 2011 with multiple complaints. He was suffering from molluscum contagiosum since last 4 months. They were spreading gradually around the genital region. There was no pain or itching. He had several molluscum around and above the genitals. They were hard and nodular. They were increasing in size and number. He had noticed these after extra marital unprotected sex, four months ago. Read More...

405. An intelligent, anxious IT professional experienced 90% relief for his ‘incurable’ Seborrhoeic Dermatitis with Dr. Shah’s treatment. -

Mr. S. B. C. (Patient Identification Number - 17264) visited Lifeforce center on 16th October, 2011. He was suffering from Seborrhoeic Dermatitis since 4 years, but it had aggravated since 2 years. It was controlled by continuous usage of steroid based creams for the past 2 years. Read More...

406. A case of Vitiligo treated successfully along with homeopathy and timely counselling. - Vitiligo

A child of 3 years was brought to the clinic by her parents on 17 February 2007. She was presented with the complaints of white spots. On examination, it was diagnosed as Vitiligo. She had hypopigmented spots around eyes and lips and the spots were present on both sides of the body. The spots involved the muco cutaneous junction. Read More...

407. Home maker recovered completely her alopecia areata spot within 6 weeks of medication - Alopecia Areata

Home maker recovered completely her alopecia areata spot within 6 weeks of medication


408. 32 years old Mrs. F. C, housewife experienced significant relief in her nasal polyp and renal calculi with 5 months of treatment. -

She visited our Borivali clinic on 3rd November 2011 (Patient Identification Number - 17400). She had been diagnosed with a right nasal polyp recently. She complained of blocked nose, loss of smell, difficulty in breathing. These had started around 4 months ago. She had been taking nasal drops and some conventional medication, but since it was not showing any relief she was advised for a surgery by her E.N.T. specialist doctor. She decided to opt for homeopathy instead. She had conducted a CT scan which detected a large polyp in right nostril and a small one in the in left nostril. Read More...

409. A navy commander suffering from Sciatica found substantial recovery with Dr. Rajesh Shah's homeopathic treatment. -

Dr. L.M (Patient Identification Number 18092) was suffering from left sided Sciatica since last 2 months. He would get severe pain in left hip joint, radiating to left knee joint and left leg. Pain started suddenly because of the overstretching during the training session 2 months back. After that he was getting the pain almost everyday for 2-3 hours. Pain would get worse by exercise and walking. He would get temporary relief from pain by massaging and rest. He had done MRI in which it was diagnosed as disc protrusion at L4-L5. He was not on any regular medication for his Sciatica. He would occasionally take pain killers. He wanted to get rid of his pain permanently. He came to know about Life Force through one of his friends who was getting treated for his Joint Pains under Dr. Shah. Dr. L.M visited Life Force on 28th January 2012 to get advantage of Dr. Shah's experience and expertise. Read More...

410. 48 years home maker found 90% relief in her Fibromyalgia with 6 months of medication -

Mrs. S. B. W., 48 years old home maker (Patient Identification Number - 18564) visited our clinic on 14th March, 2012 with her husband. She was suffering from Fibromyalgia since 4 years. The intensity of body pain had increased since a year and it was stable. She would get discomfort every 2 – 3 days. She would feel aching pain and fatigue. She would be sleepless due to the pain. The pain would be worse in the morning and would decrease after flexing or stretching the body. She had done the routine blood investigations which were all normal. She would take a pain killer as and when required. Read More...

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