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41. Patient with Migraine, Anxiety and Depression Treated by Dr Shah - Anxiety Neurosis

Mrs. S.A.G (PIN 5633) reported to us for treatment after a long time, in the past she had suffered from migraine for which she was relieved. She had been freshly detected as having high blood pressure. She was also suffering from Anxiety and Depression. She was under a psychiatrist's treatment for the above, but she experienced too much drowsiness and weight gain by his medicines. Read More...

42. Life Force has been a life saver for my 5 years old kid. - Child Asthma

Five years old master N.L. (Patient Identification Number- 18454) visited Life Force with parents on 2nd March 2012 for the treatment of Asthmatic Bronchitis. Read More...

43. Positive action of homeopathy medication in treating frequent cold without any conventional medication. - Frequent Colds

Four years old, Master. K. H. T. (Patient Identification Number-6432) visited our clinic on 21st January 2005. He was suffering from frequent cold and cough which was almost continuous. He had to vomit out the cough as it would relieve him. He complained of sneezing with cough and fever. His complaints increased since six months and he tried taking many antibiotic and nebulizer for few months but his complaints were still persistent. Read More...

44. Trigeminal Neuralgia treated successfully and no relapse since past 2 years after stopping the medication. - Trigeminal Neuralgia

Sixty nine years old Mrs. J. D. (Patient Identification Number-17156) residing in Bangalore started online treatment with us on 3rd October 2011. She was suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia since past two years. She had right sided electric shock like pain from jaw to ear whenever she chewed, brushed her teeth, washed her face and while talking. She had twenty episodes every day since past five months. She tried managing with conventional medication like tegretol and gabapentine which relieved her pain initially but off late even with this medication she had continuous pain throughout the day. She complained of coryza due to pain. Read More...

45. Frequent cold, cough and Urticaria recovered completely with homeopathic medication. - Frequent Colds

Two and half years old Master N. G. (Patient Identification Number -12378) visited our clinic on 9th July 2009. He was suffering from recurrent cold, cough, fever with loose motion since past two months. He had such episodes every biweekly for which he was given conventional medication. Read More...

46. Chronic case of Psoriasis, Urticaria and Acidity significantly improved with homeopathic medication. - Psoriasis

Fifty two years old, Mr. K. K. S. (Patient Identification Number-11212) visited our clinic on 26th September 2008. He was suffering from Psoriasis since past ten years. His left foot, both the wrist and palms were affected. He complained of severe itching, scaling and redness. He had family history of psoriasis as his mother was also suffering from psoriasis. He had tried conventional medication but it would relapse again so he wanted to go for homeopathy which would give him lasting result. His complaints used to increase in winter season. Read More...

47. Migraine completely relieved with homeopathic treatment. - Migraine

Twenty eight years old home maker Mrs. S. B. (Patient Identification Number- 19523) residing in Karnataka started treatment with us via online patient support system. She was referred to us by her relative who was previously treated successfully with our treatment. She started treatment on 26th July 2012. She was suffering from migraine since past three months. She had such episodes six times a week. She complained of severe headache with nausea and vomiting. Her complaints increased due to light and noise. Read More...

48. Full recovery from Urticaria - Urticaria

Mrs. A.A.G. (Patient Identification No- 21671) visited Life Force on 19th September 2013 for her complaints of Urticaria. Read More...

49. Remarkable recovery in Vitiligo in this 9 year old boy - Vitiligo

Nine years old boy E.M.M (Patient Identification No- 16228), an existing patient of Life Force under treatment for Vitiligo; presented with complaints of recurrent boils since 1 week. He was suffering from this complain of recurrent boils from past one year but had not mentioned when he started with the treatment for vitiligo. He used to get pus-filled, painful and inflamed boils once every month and it lasted for about one week with the help of antibiotics. He had to take conventional medicines during every episode of boils. Read More...

50. Young surgeon with Oral Lichen Planus was fully cured with homeopathy - Lichen Planus

Twenty eight year old young general surgeon Dr. B.R.P. (Patient Identification No- 6155) visited Life Force on 8th October 2004 for his complains of Lichen Planus. Read More...

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