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291. Intermittent dependency on steroid inhalers successfully weaned off - Child Asthma

32 years old lady, Mrs. M. J. B. (Patient Identification Number- 17637) visited Life Force Borivali clinic on 29th November, 2011. She was accompanied by her husband. She complained of Asthmatic Bronchitis since 2003. The frequency of complaints had increased since 2010. She would suffer from spasmodic cough once in a month for 10 – 15 days. The expectoration would be thick, yellowish. She would feel breathlessness, loss of smell, weakness with nausea. This would generally occur at night between 3am to 5am. It would also increase before and after menses, by consuming oily food and by lying down. She would feel relieved by sitting in the upright position. She would take antibiotics and steroid inhalers as and when required. Read More...

292. Fistula-in-ano cured with Dr. Shah’s medications -

Mr. H. M. S., (Patient Identification Number - 19261) visited our clinic on 15th June 2012. He was a 55 years old retired businessman. He was suffering from Fistula in Ano. It stared as a boil in the perinium, 2 months ago which was infective and discharged pus. It was controlled with antibiotics and subsequently diagnosed as Fistula in Ano. He was advised to go for surgery by a surgeon. He had no pain, no constipation at present, just pus discharge... He was a tobacco chewer since 40 years. He had completed a course of antibiotics 15 days ago. However there was only mild relief with antibiotics. The surgeon had suggested a surgery as the only solution.


293. My knee pain has significantly relieved with Dr. Shah’s medication. -

Mr. V. B., (PIN NO - 18262) visited our clinic on 7th September 2012. He was already being treated for Eczema. He complained of left knee joint pain on walking. He was a 60 years old retired person. The knee pain was diagnosed as Osteoarthritis by Dr. Shah.


294. 50 years old male found 80% recovery in Prostatitis with Dr. Shah’s medications. - Prostatitis

Mr. V. A. K., (Patient Identification Number - 18943) availed our online treatment from United States for Prostatitis. He enrolled for the treatment on 1st April 2011. He filled in the questionnaire in detail. Read More...

295. I was cured of Prostatitis within 2 months of medicines. I convey my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Rajesh Shah and his entire team. - Prostatitis

Mr. S. N., (16594) a 60 years old retired pensioner availed our online treatment for Prostatitis on 30th July 2011. He was diagnosed with grade 2 prostatitis, though his urine report and PSA levels were normal. He had burning sensation while passing urine. The lower back, pelvis and perineum would pain while urinating. The frequency would be more in night as compared to day. The quantity would also be more in night. The urine flow would be normal, no straining. He had taken allopathic medicines in the past for 10 days. Read More...

296. “My son’s Asthma is well under control” - Asthma

3 years old A. A. C. visited our clinic with his mother on 26th March 2012. His Patient Identification Number is 18679. He was suffering from Asthmatic Bronchitis since birth. It would be 5 – 6 times a year with severe intensity. He would get dry cough with breathlessness and wheezing. The recent episode had occurred 3 days back and was treated with steroids and bronchodilator inhalers and nebulization. Her mother was also suffering from asthma and had started the treatment simultaneously. His appetite was reduced. It would increase in cold climate, cold juices and dust. His father was working in Canada as an IT consultant. As the cold weather did not suit him they had moved to India for temporary relief in his symptoms. Read More...

297. “My Asthma is well under control.” - Child Asthma

38 years old home maker, Mrs. N. A. C visited our clinic on 26th March 2012. Her PIN number is 18678. She complained of Asthma since childhood which had aggravated in last 2 years. She would get 1 – 2 severe attacks in a year. She would have difficulty in breathing. She would require exerting effort to speak. The change of weather, talking loudly would increase her complaints. She would take as and when required steroid inhaler. Read More...

298. My oral Lichen Planus lesions are completely cured. - Lichen Planus

Mrs. S. M. S. visited our clinic on 24th March 2012 with her mother. She was 33 years old working female. Her Patient Identification Number is 18648. She was suffering from oral Lichen Planus since 3 – 4 months. There were white streaks inside both cheek. She would feel burning pain while eating food. She would frequently bite her cheek while eating. She had noticed 2 – 3 spots on her genitals also. She had few whitish spots on her forearms. These were polymorphic sun reaction, which were better by sun screen. The pain in the morning was less and more in the evening. She had taken multivitamins and steroids for last 1 week. Read More...

299. Her Acne was cured completely with Dr. Shah’s medication. -

31 years old home maker Mrs. K. F. (Patient Identification Number - xxxxx) availed our treatment for acne. She enrolled for the treatment on 30th March 2010. She complained of acne since few months on chin and cheeks. There were tiny red papular eruptions with no pain or itching. There were more hyperpigmented marks. The acne would increase before menses.


300. Homeopathy proved a helping hand for her, when every one else had given up. -

37 years old, Mrs. A. S. R. visited our center with her husband on 5th April 2011. Her Patient Identification Number is 15742. She was complaining of Crohn’s disease since past 4 years. The case details were given by her husband. She was having symptoms of recurrent loose stools which were partially under control with mesacol 400mg thrice a day. She was weighing 36 kgs. She had nausea and vomiting since 1 month, which would make her tired and weak. She was also taking naturopathic medications. She had taken other heavy medications like steroids, remicade and azathoprine in the past 4 years. Her main concern was the rectovaginal fistula, which had developed as a complication of Crohn’s disease. She would pass stools and gases from vagina. She was in deep trouble. The surgeons were helpless. They siad that since her Crohn’s disease was active there were limitations in treatment. Despite steroids, remicade and azathoprine, her Crohn’s was not under control. She was utterly helpless. They were told about Dr Rajesh Shah, and they saw him as their last hope. They came all the way from Kerela for treatment. All her details were taken.


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