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231. Recently diagnosed case of ADHD got excellent result with homeopathic medicines -

A 6 year old boy Master P.S. (Patient Identification Number 18810) visited life force with parents on 7th April 2012 for the treatment of child asthma. Read More...

232. 3 years old child was successfully treated with Dr. Shah’s medication for his steroid dependant Asthmatic Bronchitis. - Asthma

Master S. S. G.(PIN No - 19964) visited Life Force on 27th September 2012 accompanied by his parents. He had been suffering with cold, cough, rattling and wheeze since birth. He would get an episode every 1 – 2 months which would last for 2 – 4 days. He would require omnacortil 5mg as and when required along with nebulizers and lately had developed a dependency on it. The triggering factors were cold food, cold drinks, banana, curd, yogurt etc. Read More...

233. Case of ADHD responding to homeopathy -

Master D.G., five years old patient from West Bengal (Patient Identification Number 19444) visited with parents for the treatment of ADHD on 13th July 2012. Read More...

234. “From a depression like situation where I had begun to dread every living moment and was thinking that this ailment will die with me only, to today’s situation where my ailment has been cured by 90% I feel your treatment has worked wonders.” - Trigeminal Neuralgia

Mrs. V. S. R., 64 years old well read and knowledgeable lady (Patient Identification Number - 19263) visited our center on 15th June 2012 for her complaint of Trigeminal Neuralgia. Her complaints had started 2 years back. She was symptom free for a month each for 2 times in past 2 years. She was a firm believer in homeopathy as her father was a practicing homeopathic doctor. She was not willing to take conventional medicines, though it had been prescribed. She had right sided neuralgia which had increased since past 4 – 5 months. The electric shock like pain was there continuously but the severe pain would occur 7 – 8 times in a day. The intensity of the pain being so severe would bring tears to her. The triggering factors would include brushing, sipping water or tea, opening mouth, loud sounds, gargling etc. Her MRI scan and other blood reports were normal. She had been taking homeopathic medicines on her own which gave her mild relief.

235. A case of extensive and progressive psoriasis responded very well to Homeopathy. - Psoriasis

Mr SJC (PIN 11585) a 60 years old farmer from Pune, India, visited Life Force in December 2008. Read More...

236. A case of psoriasis cured with homeopathy - Psoriasis

A 31 year old male Mr N.D.Y (Personal Identification Number-19026) came to LifeForce clinic on 5th May 2012 with a complaint of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. He was suffering from psoriasis since 18 months and these got aggravated since February 2012.. These lesions were on his legs, thighs, hands, scalp and private parts. There was redness, itching and scaling of these lesions. He was taking cortisone with no obvious relief. He was also sufferring from psoriatic arthritis with pain and swelling in all joints. Read More...

237. Cortisone Masked Plamo Plantar Psoriasis of recent origin completely cured with Dr. Shah's homeopathic medicines. - Psoriasis

Mrs. M. V. Middle aged woman visited Life Force on 24/09/2012 for her complaints of Plamo-plantar Psoriasis. Read More...

238. Lichen Planus on lips cured completely by Dr. Shah’s medications. - Lichen Planus

A simple and sober Mr. G. G. P. visited our clinic on 26th November 2012. He had suffered from Lichen Planus 5 – 7 years ago which was then treated with unani medicines. He had a relapse 2 – 3 months ago on skin and lips. He had suffered from dengue 3 months back and probably the medicines taken for it had triggered the Lichen Planus again. He had oral ulcers also along with Lichen Planus. There was pain felt in the mouth. Since a month the spots had appeared on hands and wrist. His mother also had Lichen Planus in the past. He had taken only Vitamin tablets this time, no other treatment. Read More...

239. 40 year old scientist with bilateral symmetrical in pattern Vitiligo on elbow, knees, finger tips and lower lips happy with treatment results - Vitiligo

A 40 year old Scientist working in BARC Mr. K. D. (Patient identification number- 9093) visited our clinic on 18th November 2006. He was suffering from Vitiligo which was bilateral symmetrical in pattern on elbow, knees, finger tips and lower lips. There was increase in spots since past 1 year. He was taking cortisone, tablet. betnesol 20mg once daily and mometasone cream for local application. The spots were gradually increasing in number as well as size. Read More...

240. A young boy thanked Dr. Shah for his easy and complete recovery for psoriasis. - Psoriasis

A 22 year old male Mr.J.K.D (Patient Identification Number 20281) came to our Chembur clinic on 21/11/12 with a complaint of psoriasis. The lesions had started on his face and scalp and new lesions were noted on the great toes since 3-4 months. Besides these, there were patches on his ears which were masked by moisturizers & these were the first to appear. Since 1 year he had a complaint of dryness & itching of the scalp and dandruff. The lesions on the scalp were around 2 cm in size, on both temporal regions. There were large patches on both cheeks. There was dryness of the skin with itching and scaling. He had taken allopathic treatment with no relief in his complaint. He had applied steroid based creams, which gave some initial relief, however he noticed that while the old spots healed, several new spots came up near the old spots. So he stopped the creams. Read More...

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